Yogurt Based Diet

Feeling hot and in need of something refreshing and revitalizing which is not a Coca-Cola? Have you tried using yogurt for such situations? Come to think of it, yogurt has so many added benefits to it that help anyone focused on creating a diet program around it as a central item to lose weight and feel better in the long term. A yogurt diet is a diet plan which includes intensive consummation of yogurt. This is not a diet in the exact sense of the word; it’s more of a phenomenon you can use, which also has plenty of different variations. There is a book written by Anna Luque which describes these principles in detail. In this article I will share my experiences with this diet so that you can give this a shot, as it is definitely worth it, at least based on what I have accomplished.

Basic principles

The effect of this diet is based on probiotic properties of yogurts which accelerate the growth of bacteria which are meant to help you digest food more efficiently. This results in elimination of toxins, as well as weight loss. When the food is thoroughly digested, your overall intestine health is improved as well as your general health. There are dozens of bacteria which have a positive effect on this and can be easily stimulated by consummation of yogurt.

Overall, there are over 500 different bacteria inside your body. Establishing a balance in these is crucial, as any imbalances can cause problems with the functionality of your digestive system. Stress, bad food and antibiotics can also cause this. In order to accommodate for this, it is recommended that you drink up to 2L of yogurt each day. Along this, you can also consume fresh fruit, as much as you want, but stay away from fruit yoghurts (those you find in grocery stores, homemade ones are great), as they are packed with hidden sugars and unnecessary calories.

According to the book written by Anna Luque, you’re supposed to consume yogurt together with some of the recommended groceries. Cereals make a nice mixture with yogurt and this can serve as a rich and fulfilling breakfast. For lunch you can use vegetables and rice, without using any additional spices other than salt and pepper. For dressing, you can use yogurt. For dinner, lean meat and carrot is a good combination and you should also drink yogurt as your side dish here. It’s interesting how well yogurt matches all of these ingredients, especially those sour ones. I bet you never thought about yogurt and lean meat in the same meal – try it! It really is good.

As usual, weight loss is achieved by sticking with a caloric deficit, the yogurt is here to make sure you intake plenty of nutrients. Consider this yogurt diet to be a directive you should take if you’re looking into losing weight in an efficient and healthy way, without suffering from any health problems in the long run.

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