Wondering how to get rid of Blackheads?

Blackheads appear when toxins out of the blood and lymph being excreted through your skin combine with sebum. This creates sticky impurity which is accumulated in your skin pores. Over time, the exposed center oxidizes and becomes black.

Oily and mixed skin have a tendency to develop blackheads and since the oily glands in your skin are most densely packed right on the T-region (forehead, nose, chin), there is a highest probability that you will acquire the biggest number of blackheads there.

Advices on how to prevent blackheads

If you’re wondering about how to get rid of blackheads, you might want to learn something about prevention first. You should always do a peeling of the area infested with blackheads. However, there is a significant degree of care you need to have here, as peelings may dry up your skin. If you’re having a significantly oily skin, you can do the peeling twice per week, and if your skin is dry, do it once in two weeks.

Every three days you’d want to apply a nourishing moisturizer to the area affected by blackheads, which contains natural acids; by doing so you will remove any dead skin cells, revealing the black top of the blackhead which will then be easier to clean.

Sun and ultraviolet rays motivate natural peeling of the skin and help to open up clogged up pores. This means that you should go under the sun, bot moderately as you can devastate your skin with excessive sun exposure. Sun is the main reason for one’s skin to go dry and can cause serious health issues in long term.

How to clean blackheads

It’s always recommended not to push out the contents of the blackhead. Many people do this regardless, in unhygienic conditions which make the whole situation a lot worse. You’d want to visit a professional cosmetician in order to do this properly. If this is not an option, at least make sure that you’re excreting your blackheads properly and with clean tools or hands.

It’s best to excrete them right after shower when your skin is softened up due to the effects of warm water. Also, you may want to steam up your face of a while in order to precisely target the blackheads for later easier excretion. There are many devices out there which you may use in order to get the job done properly. These so called pore cleansers are working on principles of vacuum and will effectively extract your blackheads, leaving nothing behind.

If you need to do this manually, focus on excreting those blackheads whose middles are entirely black and above the skin surface as these are ready for excretion. You may want to envelop your fingers in a clean napkin and press softly on both sides of the blackhead. In case your excretion isn’t working right, let the blackhead sit for a while before attempting again as this allows it to soften up again. During the pressure it will harden up, making the whole process much more difficult and sensitive.

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