Why you need an audiologist

The objective of the visit to the audiologist is to identify the pathologies that affect the hearing and other structures that belong to the hearing part. The visit to the audiologist does not require special preparation on the part of the person who must undergo an examination. The first moment is certainly aimed at the collection of the complaining symptoms and the moment of appearance, the general state of health, concomitant pathologies with the possible use of drugs, lifestyle. After this first phase, they proceed to the objective examination with a direct view, as far as possible, of the area to be investigated and maneuvers or instrumental investigations designed to provide more information.

New to hearing loss?

Why should you take the step towards better hearing by visiting the audiologist?

In recent years, there has been rapid development in technology to help people with hearing loss. Hearing aids are no longer big and brown, not only older people have hearing loss and no hearing aids squeak in their ear. An audiologist can help with a solution.

Take care of your ears and listen

Whether you have hearing aids or not, Audiologist is here to provide all the help you need for healthy hearing and hearing.

Don’t leave hearing loss untreated

You probably haven’t even realized that you have stopped hearing that is, the sound of birds singing, wind blowing, leaves rustling, and many other sounds.

From early in life, our brain learns, collects, and stores sound patterns to help us get an immediate sound picture of a situation.

Portable music: give your ears a rest

Enjoying music on your iPod, phone, or other portable music players can stress your ears. Hearing loss caused by music or noise generally occurs very slowly over time, so it is very important to turn down the volume of your music.

We only have one set of ears, there are no spare parts. The maximum volume of an iPod is 10 times louder than the recommended listening setting, and the damage caused by prolonged listening is irreversible. If you are feeling uncomfortable when listening to music, kindly visit the audiologist.

Earwax could be the reason you are not hearing

Some people mistake earwax buildup for hearing loss. An audiologist can check if you have a hearing loss or just need an ear wash.

It’s a simple treatment and it could make a big difference to your hearing.

Protect your hearing

We live in a noisy world. We are exposed to all kinds of sounds at work, at home, in traffic, etc. All of this contributes to the noise around us.

Continuous and repeated exposure to loud noises will damage your hearing. To take care of your hearing, you should:

  • Avoid excessive noise
  • Take into account possible sources of noise
  • “Listen” to your ears
  • Use hearing protection.

Know someone with hearing loss?

Does your husband, mother, colleague, friend, cousin, son, or father-in-law have a hearing loss without even realizing it themselves?

It clearly known, how difficult it can be to help someone you care about, whether a family member or friend, come to terms with their hearing difficulties. However, an audiologist help people understand and solve their hearing problems every day.

Help those people come to terms with their hearing loss by referring them to an audiologist.