Why Is It so Hard To Maintain Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss is hard, but it’s even more difficult when the dieter regains their lost pounds. We all know that maintaining your lifestyle can be tough and sometimes we fall off track with what worked for us in the past or an event happens such as a birthday party where there will undoubtedly be cake; which may result in heavy snacking on junk foods leading back towards heavier than desired body weights.

Changes in Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which your body uses calories. The more you weigh, the less efficient it becomes to use those same number of energy (calorie) units in order for weight loss goals are met; this can lead some people who have lost significant amounts of fat back up with unused extra pounds quickly if they resume their pre-loss eating habits without making any adjustments. To make sure that doesn’t happen try changing things around a bit after dieting by cutting down on carbs/sugar while upping intake from protein sources instead – studies show these changes help maintain or gain muscle mass too!

Changes In Hunger Hormones:

Desperate to get back the weight that was lost, people often experience an increased appetite and crave for more food. This can be attributed to ghrelin which tends to go up during a decrease of body fat percentage; while on another note- hunger may seem like it would never end because there’s no feeling quite like having too many cravings all at once! The lack of lustre leptin will become less effective as well meaning you need even higher levels than before (potentially leading some into gaining).

What You Can Do About It?

Make Realistic Changes:

Realistic changes are what you need to sustain medical weight loss scottsdale. You can focus on small diet changes rather than cutting out entire food groups and restricting all of your favorite foods, which is not realistic for the long haul anyway! Making conscious decisions such as drinking more water or eating healthier will help with both dietary intake & physical activity levels in order keep pounds off while engaging new habits like mindful eating can assist those who’ve gained from self-control failures.

Move More And Stay More Active:

If you want to lose weight, exercise is a must! It’s important for maintaining your physical and mental health. Not only does it keep the pounds off but also helps with blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol in order to lower risks of heart disease or stroke down the road. If 60 minutes seems like an impossible task (it can be!), don’t worry about starting at once- small changes each day will make all kinds of difference over time so just find something that works best according to what feels right. Whether it’s walking around town more often instead of taking taxis everywhere we go.  keeping up gardening tasks even if they are unpaid work outside.

Losing weight is hard work. It requires a lifetime of healthy choices and the right support system to get you through it! If your motivation has hit rock bottom, find someone who can keep up with how well they’re doing for themselves as much or more than just being on their own journey-a walking buddy or accountability partner might be all that’s needed.