What’s the link between endometriosis and pregnancy?

Endometrium is basically a fancy name for your uterus mucosa. Once this tissue edges out of the uterus, a condition called endometriosis occurs. In normal circumstances, most of the uterus mucosa is peeled off during menstrual bleeding, with the remaining tissue recycling the development. This process repeats on a monthly basis, unless pregnancy or menopause occurs. However, with about 15% of women this tissue might peek out and be found in places all over the body such as lungs, joints, even brain. The exact cause for this hasn’t yet been discovered, but there are three theories which are probably closest to the real cause. The implantation theory was established by American gynecologist Sampson in 1922, where he focuses on the living uterus mucosa cells which can enter the blood stream and spread all over, nesting in whichever obstacle they find afterwards – this is considered to be the most feasible theory.

How Does Endometriosis Affect Your Fertility?

Endometriosis affects your fertility in two ways. In an early phase, it affects it over the immunological system and once it advanced the uterus is basically mechanically blocked from allowing pregnancy to happen. In this advanced stage scars are very common inside the stomach cavity which closes the ovaries, blocking the eventual meeting of sperm and an egg. Any foreign bodies which grow inside can cover the ovaries like a plastic bag, disabling the option of egg becoming free from the ovary during ovulation. Big endometrium tissues can also put a lot of pressure on the healthy ovaries tissue, preventing it from producing a healthy amount of eggs. During complex surgery procedures it may happen that the healthy tissue is carelessly removed or damaged, which also results in a decreased production of quality eggs required for fertilization.


Because of all these severe symptoms, endometriosis and pregnancy do have a lot of issues between each other and it’s not that easy to get over them. There are two reasons one may want to treat endometriosis – first and foremost, pain can be so intense and approves treatment no matter which stage the condition has went into. If the woman wants pregnancy, in a case of advanced stage of the condition it is necessary to intervene surgically, removing any obstructions preventing the woman from getting pregnant, during which process ovaries can get healed as well. However, even after this surgery the ovaries can get obstructed again, so this might become a lengthy and difficult process, recommended only for young patients. In a case of a middle stage of endometriosis, surgical intervention is not necessary, unless there are no mechanical obstructions for pregnancy to happen. Generally speaking, for all stages of endometriosis there is a rule of establishing the cause of the problem, as well as any immunological problems which might intervene with conceiving the baby. If there are any other problems other than endometriosis, they also need to be properly treated, to get the best possible results without any unclear results.

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