What Is Sex Therapy And Who May Need It

Considered as a special branch of psychotherapy, sex therapy addresses a host of different emotional or mental health issues that are thought to affect an individual’s sexual drive, prowess as well as his desire for intimacy.

The sex therapy or counseling is typically provided by a licensed sex therapist. However, the service is also offered by many general psychotherapists, counselors, clinical healers and the like.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy addresses issues related to a person’s sexual behavior. People will seek sex therapy for a number of reasons related to their common sexual behavior. These include a noticeable decrease in sexual prowess, a lack of desire for intimacy (with one’s partner or in general), an unhappy or less than fulfilling sex life for couples who otherwise get along fine, etc. Sex therapy is also sought for by people who feel like they are uncertain about their sexual orientation as well as by people who do not recognize themselves as cisgenders and are certain about their sexual identity/orientation, but who all the same find it difficult to face up to the many different forms of social prejudices and discriminations.

So, we can see that a sex therapist will normally deal with a wide range of different issues related to a person’s sexual behavior. That said, not all sex therapists are able to handle this variety of issues. As such, a person seeking sex counseling must make sure to choose the proper therapist for his or her particular concern.

In most cases, however, sex therapy is sought by people experiencing a noticeable change in their sexual behavior and by couples unable to enjoy a happy and fulfilling sexual life. These concerns are treated either by licensed sex therapists or by relationship counselors, Christian healers and the like. Since the result of therapy often, in a large part, depends on how much faith the patient has on the counselor or therapist of his or her choice, it is best to consult a therapist or counselor who you believe would be sensitive to your concerns. When you have faith in your therapist, you can open up more freely before him and this will be a big help for the counselor to pinpoint issues that are largely responsible for whatever concerns you’ve regarding your sexual life.

How Does Sex Therapy Work?

Different practitioners adopt different approaches for their treatment. However, typically a sex therapy session is not too different from normal psychotherapy sessions. And just as with marriage counseling, in case of couples, they may visit a sex therapist together or alone. In most cases, it is better to have a one-to-one session with your therapist, even if you and your partner are in agreement about the need to consult a sex therapist. This is because it is normally much more difficult to discuss sexual issues with your therapist at the presence of your partner.

And finally, in order to preclude any misunderstanding, sex therapy under no circumstances involves engaging in any physical or sexual activity with the therapist. It is counseling pure and simple and sex therapy sessions are entirely verbal and consist of conversations, discussions and instructions alone.

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