What is Digital Smile Design?

For those who want to create a smile that brings joy and confidence, cosmetic dentistry is the answer. It is not an exaggeration that many consider their smiles as a billboard that makes them stand out in the world. No wonder smile makeovers have also become quite prevalent nowadays.

With numerous advances in cosmetic dentistry, achieving the enviable and brilliant smile has become a lot easier. From veneers, crowns, porcelains, whitening procedures, and digital smile design, there is no shortage of treatment options and procedures for you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

The Lowdown on Digital Smile Design

In a nutshell, digital smile design (also known as DSD) is a dental treatment planning tool that is designed to strengthen the diagnostic vision of a dental provider. It also works by enhancing predictability and improving the communication between patients and their dental providers.

A treatment plan is solely based on a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions. Through the use of photographs, temporary mock-ups, and videos, DSD providers are able to get a better sense of the relationship between the teeth, gums, and lips and how they come together to create the patient’s smile.

Along with the physical aspects, DSD providers will also take into consideration the emotional needs of the patients and how they would react in specific situations. With DSD you will be working with dental providers with an artistic vision—a trait that’s required to create a beautiful smile.

What to Expect During the DSD Process

Once you find a DSD provider near you, you will be given a walk through of all the benefits the treatment options provide. Should you decide to move forward, three-dimensional photos and videos of your mouth will be taken. The digital scan will be done using an intraoral scanner. Data is then imported onto the DSD software.

Intraoral scanners are considered extremely effective since they can show various views of the patient’s mouth. During the scan, the technician can see images pop up on the screen in real time. This can help warrant the right images to be captured at the angles required to create a visual representation of the expected final result.

The Digital Smile Design Process

Once the data has been imported onto the software, the dental provider will examine the digital library of different shapes and forms that can be placed over the tops of the teeth in the images taken. This allows the provider to create a physical model. The videos and images will also factor in your facial aesthetics and other crucial aspects.

The patient will be involved in the process from start to finish. As a patient, it is ideal that you clearly communicate what your wants, needs, and desired outcome are. You will also be approving the three-dimensional model and mock-up images of your smile. Essentially, digital smile design puts you in the front seat.

Once approved, your dental provider can start the restoration process. This typically involves keeping the model or mock-up in your mouth as a preparation guide. Fragments or damaged teeth will also be removed and will be restored using veneers or implants.

Your provider will also restore each individual tooth before moving on to the next. Once the process is complete, a polishing treatment will be used to ensure your teeth look clean, shiny, and polished.

Digital smile design is considered as one of the leading forefronts of dental technology and with good reason. For starters, digital smile design can help warrant a dental care treatment that is best for each individual patient. With DSD, you can create a unique treatment plan that will surely give you the smile you want.