What foods are best for weight loss

It’s easy to conflate healthy food with boring food. A lot of people cannot resist the temptation to eat unhealthy food just because it’s nice. Well, what can you do? Skinny jabs can cut cravings to help you lose weight

Different foods have a different effect on the amount of calories you burn. Some of the healthiest food in the world is also some of the cheapest, easiest-to-prepare and most versatile. We’ve collected six of the best foods that are not only good for your body, but won’t disappoint in the taste department either!

  • Eggs

Once thought to be a health food no-no, attitudes around eggs are changing. Fears around raising cholesterol can be forgotten as long as you eat eggs in moderation – up to 3 a day is thought to be perfectly healthy. Eggs are incredibly versatile – quick and easy to make, they can also be prepared in a variety of styles, but one thing always stays the same – they’re nutritious. This is mainly thanks to the yolk, which helps pack a nutrient-dense punch to your breakfast

  • Greens

Increase the volume of your means with some fresh, leafy greens. We’re talking spinach, kale, cabbage, lettuce, bok choy – once again, these nutrient-dense greens are super easy to prepare – and they can be served in a variety of ways. Try and incorporate as many as you can into your meals – they’ll bulk things out, and you’ll thank yourself for eating them.

  • Fish

Fish is famously one of the healthiest foods you can eat. High in important nutrients, vitamins and minerals, fish has proven to benefit your body in multiple ways, not only with maintaining weight-loss, but boosting your brain power, vision, and sleep quality. Studies have also linked fish to being a great preventative for heart problems and even depression – thanks to Omega3! 

  • Grains

Whole grains have been a part of human’s diets for thousands of years – and for good reason. They’re amazingly diverse – oatmeal, popcorn, bulgar, barely, brown rice and quinoa are all whole grains. It’s so easy to incorporate grains into each of your meals – and your body will reward you for it. Grains contain a whole raft of health benefits – fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants…all of which can help you on your weight-loss journey. 

  • Chicken breast

Eating a high-protein diet can help burn up to 100 calories a day, so pack a Protein punch into your diet by eating more chicken breast. Protein has a multitude of benefits for your body, and it can also help reduce feelings of hunger, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer. Unprocessed, lean chicken breast is a great blank canvas to build a meal around. Include some leafy greens and grains and you’ll have an easy, healthy and filling dinner. 

  • Fruits

Last but not least, fresh fruit. We’ll level with you. We all know fruit is great for us – they’re ripe with vitamins and minerals, but so many of us still reach for that chocolate bar rather than the fruit bowl. Not only does fruit make it easier to manage sweet cravings on a diet, but they also give us an endless list of health benefits – it reduces chances of heart disease, cancer, diabetes…the list goes on. Wherever you’re going, make sure you take a piece of fruit – you’ll be glad you did.