Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

Getting used to a new diet routine carries a batch of other things to take note of, especially considering the overall balance of your grocery intake. This is something a lot of people look down upon, which can cause a whole array of different health problems. Some vitamins, like the B12 are particularly important in maintaining the overall health, or in decreasing some genetically spawned health issues, like cardiovascular problems. This particular vitamin works together with the regular vitamin B in order to prevent heart defects from happening. Also, without this vitamin your red blood cells production would significantly decrease, which would make you far more prone to illnesses and it would be difficult for you to make use of anything else that you are consuming for any cause. The red blood cells are carriers of oxygen and therefore are very important for our organisms to function properly.

Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Other than bad eating habits and simply not eating healthy and rich foods, there are plenty of reasons for a person to experience a lack of vitamin B12. Usually, the lack of this vitamin does not come alone, which means you’re missing out on a bunch of other vital vitamins and minerals that are required for your organism to function properly. For an example, excessive alcohol consumption can help in developing vitamin disorders, as some parts of alcohol like to tie vitamins with them. This way you are practically cleaning your organism from precious vitamins, and particularly vitamin B12. Fortunately, you really need to consume an excessive amount of alcohol in order to get this to a level which might pose a threat for your health, and even if you do reach such a level, there are high chances you’ll be suffering from many other health problems, especially liver diseases. On the other hand, some people simply have genetically flawed digestive systems which are unable to process food properly and therefore have pure and clean vitamin extracts which are then transferred all over their body over blood.

Vegetarians and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vegetarian diet is beneficial, but only if done right. Obviously, if a person consumes vegetables only, that’s by no means a balanced diet, since there are multiple vital supplements needed for our organisms to function properly. One of the bigger problems with vegetarian diet is the fact that animal proteins are simply avoided. This can be somewhat helped with soy products, but soy in general is hard to find these days in its unprocessed state. Because of this, it has become somewhat risky to trust your protein intake solely on soy products, as there are plenty of other additives put into them which might make them less beneficial for you.

Effects of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency is not threatening in its initial stages, where people usually experience weight loss or pale skin. However, if the patient does not put any effort in order to compensate for this lack of vitamin B12, with time it starts to affect the nervous system. This can cause a whole bunch of serious physical and mental problems. Difficulties walking and maintaining the standing balance are among the most common ones, while dementia and memory loss appears in extreme cases only. Obviously, there are high risks in not having enough vitamin B12 in your organism, so make sure that your new diet routine is properly balanced and planned in order to avoid problems like the above mentioned. If you’re a vegetarian and you can’t seem to get over this problem, consider eating meat and dairy products as your way out. It is tough to do anything against your principles, but your overall health is at stake here, so it’s best to just do it.

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