Various Remedies For Dealing With Skeeter Syndrome

When you feel swellings and blistering on your skin after mosquito bites, you can assess that your skin has developed skeeter. This syndrome mainly occurs due to mosquito saliva coming in contact with your skin. Itching can occur that ultimately leads to an infection making you feel uncomfortable all the time. However, there is much more need to be careful if fever follows the infection. If this takes place, you must immediately consult the doctor. Kids also have high chance of developing this infection as their immune system is weak. Utilize mosquito repellents for preventing the bites.

Looking at the indications

Due to allergenic polypeptides that are found in the mosquito saliva, the syndrome as mentioned above takes place. Mostly, children are more vulnerable to these allergic reactions as their skin is highly sensitive. Some of the indications to be noted after a mosquito bite include:

  • The area on the skin where the bite can be seen will turn into a red lump. Itchiness and swelling can also be experienced that is quite uncomfortable.
  • Swelling also appears on other parts of the body apart from the bite area.
  • In extremely rare cases, the development of anaphylaxis and angioedema can also be discovered.
  • When such an allergy takes place, you scratch the area a lot that leads to infection.

Time for doctor consultation

A mosquito bite is thought of as a casual thing that every person has experienced at some time in their lives. But when allergies start generating from those bites, you must know that it is time to consult the doctor. Some reactions are as follows:

  • When experiencing difficulty while breathing after a bite, doctor must be consulted immediately. Skeeter syndrome can be quite painful. Thus, visit the clinic if suffering from swelling and blisters.
  • Asthma can also develop from this syndrome that can be life threatening as well. If it occurs, a visit to the doctor clinic must not be delayed at all.

Few vital precautionary measures

Natural repellents for avoiding mosquito bites are available by which the occurrence of the syndrome as mentioned above can be prevented. By utilizing these products, you can keep your family safe, and avoid harmful pesticides. Various incense sticks are available, the smoke of which is an effective natural repellent. Mosquito population can largely be controlled with these incense sticks. Several non-toxic methods are also available, such as utilization of zappers. Make sure to follow all preventive measures sincerely for avoiding any further bites from mosquitos. You would never want your child to suffer from swelling and itching.

Knowing about the treatments

Has your child developed skeeter lately and in a lot of pain? If yes, then you must educate yourself about the treatment options. Firstly, trying to treat it at home is not recommended. As it involves swelling, it is best to consult a doctor. The experts prescribe anti-Itch creams as per the severity of the indications. Several lotions are also found that help in drying the oozing and weeping produced by irritation. However, these lotions and creams must be kept away from the eyes, mouth, and genital areas.

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