Various causes of Pain in Left Side

Pain experienced in chest is usually followed by a feeling of discomfort and worrying. Despite this being mostly related with the nervous system, stomach, different infections and even back issues, it’s necessary to get a differential diagnostic done in order to prevent any possible difficulties, especially in case of cardiologic disease. Even though everything in our body is linked in between, it’s always necessary to find the primary cause of the pain you are experiencing as by solving this you have the ability to accomplish the new balanced homeostasis – a physiological balance of the organism.

Angina Pectoris

This is a disease caused by the blood vessels and arteries narrowing down, which causes reduced blood and oxygen flow into your heart muscle. This pain is usually concentrated in the middle of your rib cage, but isn’t limited to this one single spot. You may experience radiating pain in left side of your chest or anywhere else basically – it depends on your bone structure. Pain caused by this disease usually manifests during significant physical stress and emotional excitement.

Exhaustion and stress

Chest pain may occur as a consequence of a messy life, family issues and general emotional and stress problems one experiences. During this time some other symptoms may appear, such as heart skipping (arrhythmia), choking etc. When all of the other causes are excluded, one can doubt on the pain being caused by stress.

Pleura inflammation

Pleura is built out of two thin layers, one of which lies closely on the lungs while the other surrounds the inner wall of the chest cavity. This inflammation can be a consequence of pneumonia, tumors and other diseases affecting the respiratory system. The pain experienced is very strong, especially in the lower middle part of the chest, being stronger during breathing or coughing. It can be followed by increased body temperature and a dry cough.

Myocardial infarction

This condition acts as a consequence of complete clog in the coronary arteries which obstructs the blood and oxygen flow into the heart muscle. It usually happens because of thrombus on an already narrowed coronary artery. The pain is strong and devastating, showing its presence behind the main chest bone, commonly spreading into the left side of the chest and the lower jaw. It can be followed by difficult breathing, noxiousness, vomiting and intense sweating.

Intercostal pain

Sharp pain in between ribs is one of the most common painful conditions inside the rib cage, with cause pointing towards the muscles in between the ribs. The pain is strong, stabbing, almost like a needle pinch, but it’s one of the safest conditions. It usually lasts only for a couple of seconds, becoming obvious on a specific spot, never spreading onto any other parts of the rib cage.

Inflammation of the intercostal cartilage

The intercostal cartilage connects your ribs with the main rib cage and it may cause pain. These pains aren’t dangerous and simply represent your body’s reaction to intensive physical stress. The pain is constant, spreading across the rib cage.

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