Understanding Tourette’s syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome is a disease in central nervous system. While suffering from this disease the patient experiences tics. There are innumerable misconceptions about this disease and this is certainly a worrying issue. Those suffering from this disease constantly cuss and shout other bad phrases. While a majority of people may not know but this is one of the symptoms of this disease. However, this is not the only symptom, as there are various other symptoms but it is essential for you to remember that not all the patients have similar symptoms.

Understanding Tourette’s is the first step towards curing it. Those who try to hold back the disease have to pay back heavily because it comes back and in most of cases situation gets worse. Therefore, it is advisable not to avoid or postpone the treatment.

Different Types of Tics 

There are various kinds of tics and an individual suffering this disease can experience any type of tics. For instance, motor tics involve movement of the body. Jerking of hands, blinking, snapping up of hands can be considered as motor tic. Vocal tics include sound.  Generally, tics involve at least two body parts. For instance, an individual suffering from this problem might continuously shrug his shoulders and blinker rapidly. In some rare cases, if a patient moves multiple body parts, which has some pattern, then this can be a serious problem. We can cure simple tics on our own but in case of complex tics there is need for consulting a doctor. A complex tic includes at least 3 body parts.

Diagnosing Tourette’s syndrome:

 It is really difficult for diagnosing a patient for this disease because there is no particular test for its detection. Blood tests, which act as a crucial source for detection of a disease, become useless when it comes to detection of this disease. One of the best ways for detecting this disease is by going through the history of the patient. Going by medical history, we can know about symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. Once the diagnosis is possible, then doctors can come up with various treatments options for the disease. This will considerably help them to alleviate symptoms.

Over the years, researchers and doctors across the world have been trying to find the causes behind this disease. Recently, some doctors came up with a theory that this disease can be hereditary. Although, they couldn’t some valid proof supporting their claim but there have been signs which might be proved if further studies is done in this topic.  The best thing you can do in order to be safe and secure is to learn as much as you can about this ailment. You can go through the experiences of those who successfully dealt with this disease. This might give some firsthand tips on dealing with tourette’s symptoms. All said and done, since there is no permanent solution for this ailment, so you need to be mentally strong in order to endear the regular pain caused by this ailment.

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