Treatments for Tatto Removal in Singapore

Tattoos are often considered a permanent form of self-expression, but for some people the tattoo is no longer an accurate representation of who they are and changes their appearance in an unfavorable way. Fortunately, there are alternatives to removing tattoos surgically that offer non-invasive treatments with more natural results.

What is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is a process by which tattoos are removed from your skin through the use of laser treatments. Tattoos work by injecting ink into layers of the skin and while this ink can be incorporated into the body, it cannot be completely absorbed; some of the ink will always remain in the upper surface skin layer.  Many people opt for tattoo removal not only because they’ve changed their minds about a certain tattoo but also because they have experienced complications with an old one that was done incorrectly or without proper care during healing.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Laser tattoo removal is accomplished using a high intensity light energy from a hand-held laser device. The light beam works by passing through the skin and targeting only the ink particles in the upper layer of skin. Specific wavelengths of light are absorbed at different rates in various colors, allowing for discrimination between melanin and non-melanin colors.

The ink is broken down into smaller fragments, which are then metabolized by the body. The process is rather like an internal ‘garbage disposal’ system that breaks down the ink into smaller and smaller fragments, eventually removing it.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Many patients experience little to no pain during the laser treatment itself; though there may be some mild discomfort depending on your sensitivity level. The topical numbing cream can often offer enough relief without the need for more extreme solutions such as anesthesia.

Pre-Tattoo Removal Consultation

Before you commit yourself to having any procedure done to permanently alter your body, it is important to evaluate all of the options thoroughly . Though laser tattoo removal in Singapore may seem like a simple process, it is important to weigh both your short and long term goals before choosing whether or not this will be the right choice for you. Allowing experienced aesthetic doctors to help guide you through the decision making process will ensure that you make the right call when it comes time to decide whether or not tattoo removal is right for you.

During the Tattoo Removal Treatment Process

After you’ve met with an experienced aesthetic doctor, you will find that this treatment is both fast and easy. During the initial phase of the laser tattoo removal session, topical numbing creams are used to dull any discomfort and increase your tolerance for pain. After the area has been prepped, a hand-held device is placed over problem areas in quick succession and moved around rapidly so as to ensure maximum penetration through multiple passes. The entire procedure takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour depending on how large or small the tattoo being treated is. If not completed all at once, sessions are scheduled several weeks apart as needed.

Most people will only need 2-5 treatments in order to eliminate their tattoo completely; however it might be necessary to continue treatments for up to 10 if the ink used was particularly dark or thick.

The After Effects of Laser Tattoo Removal

When the procedure is over, you may feel some mild swelling and slight irritation, but your body will continue to metabolize and eliminate the broken down tattoo particles over time as it would any other foreign substance introduced into the body. Most people experience no permanent side effects from laser treatment; however, those who are generally intolerant to pain should inform their aesthetic doctor prior to beginning so that they can be prepared with medications designed to help alleviate discomfort while mitigating risk.