Top Tips to Help You with your First Squash Game

Squash is a highly physically indulgent sport that requires the right tactics as well as techniques to excel. Either you can take formal training in the sport and master it, or you can be a self-learner. Here, we are offering top yet effective tips to help you master the skills. You can always opt for video assistance besides this blog for better clarity.

Keep your grip neutral

A loose or a very tight grip is going to be troublesome and hence, having a neutral grip is necessary. With a grip like this, you can hit both forehand and backhand without shifting grips. You need to have a V shape that runs between the thumb and your forefinger. You can have extra control of the racket by having an extension of the forefinger.

Lift the racket up

Once you know the side at which the ball is going, keep your racket in a head back position and be ready to hit. You will be creating many opportunities to having versatile hits if you are already ready.

Keep the shoulders facing the wall

Having this position can ensure you maintain an impact on both your forehand as well as on your backhand. If you are rotating a lot and facing the front wall, you will be ending up dragging the ball in the middle of the court.

Link your movement with your shots

If you want to step out and hit, you need your swings to start immediately. Your foot will plant itself in the lunge position. Likewise, you will be able to create a very balanced and stable position where your body weight can be transferred through the shots.

Warm-up strategically

You do not want to give your game away owing to a lack of warming up. You need to be match ready even before you are hitting the ground. There are various warming up strategies that can help you get over your tired muscles.

Keep serving to the sidewall

If you can hit a very high serve on the sidewall even before it drops on the back corner, the opponent is going to land in larger problems. You can also pressurize your opponent through a backhand volley shot which is also a very tough one.

With the right tactics, you can enjoy the game immensely and also burn off your excessive fat. Join West-End Cavendish squash and have the right sweating out.