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Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

Tonsil cancer can usually be found in men and it’s closely related to smoking and alcohol consummation. Usually, the first symptom of this condition is painful throat, which is a pretty intense pain, spreading into the ear found on the same side where the infected tonsil is located. Sometimes, before any other symptoms, one can notice a bulge on the neck which is a result of spreading of the cancer into the lymph nodes – basically metastasis. Doctor can establish a secure diagnosis of this condition by doing a biopsy of the tonsils. Since smoking and alcohol consummation can be closely related to other kinds of cancer, laryngoscopy is done as well as bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy. In short, treatment includes radiation and surgical procedure which can include removal of the tumor, removal of the lymph nodes in the neck and even a part of the jaw. After diagnosis about 50% of people survive at least 5 more years. Let’s take a closer look at tonsil cancer and some of the most common tonsil cancer symptoms.


In its early stages, this disease doesn’t give away any significant symptoms. Throat pain is possible, as well as a sensation of a foreign body and itchiness in the throat itself. This can easily be confused with regular throat ache. First signs of the tumors usually indicate extreme difficulties with swallowing and since they tend to grow inwards they narrow down your throat. On the other hand, it’s difficult to feel this growth on the outside, so a lot of people simply don’t recognize that’s it’s all about a serious condition. A bad breath usually follows which is caused by the dissolving of the tumor tissue. It commonly gives regional metastases into lymph nodes which are increased in size and hard on touch.

Tumor tends to spread on tongue as well which becomes painful but also towards the carotid artery which is localized on the exterior in relation to the tonsils, so bleeding is a possible symptom as well. Rarely it’s possible to find a noticeable mass on neck, loss of appetite and body weight.


Anamnesis with a clinical report and an objective report from specialized otolaryngologist is enough to doubt tonsil cancer, but some additional tests need to be done in order to provide a reliable diagnosis. It is done based on samples received with biopsy or after operative treatment. With advanced stages it’s best to scan the area with a computerized tomography as well as with nuclear magnetic resonance of the neck and other possibly influenced organs.

This condition is highly risky, mostly due to its hard to reach position and it’s important to diagnose it as soon as possible. If you are having severe throat problems, do not jump over that and visit your doctor as soon as possible so that you can make sure it’s nothing serious. Dealing with tonsil cancer is difficult. It includes radical removal of the tumor together with tonsils and local lymph nodes which is followed by chemotherapy.

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