The Miracle of Advanced Pain Management

Your mattress and exercising routines can be a double-edged sword when it comes to your back and managing back pain can be dealt with by using regular painkillers. However, this method only takes care of the symptom, never coming close to the root of the problem. Today I have a pleasure of presenting advanced pain management methods that will assist you in dealing with your back pain in a very productive, effective and long-term way. You won’t believe how simple it is – the key is to be consistent and believe in the end result.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain represents one of the most common problems people are experiencing nowadays, and it’s bound to hit everyone at one point in their lives. Besides the fact that these issues generally hit people who live a sedentary life, pain in the lower back is often experienced by recreational athletes, as well as professional ones too. Causes for this to happen are very diverse; generally one can say that it is caused by sitting for too long. Imagine that you’re sitting at work for eight hours, then you sit in your car and go home, only to sit at your dining table to have some food and then – chances are that you’re chugging on a beer with a side of nachos watching Netflix. If this sounds like your day, some exercises here and there will not help you deal with back pain, yet you need to change your lifestyle from the ground up, including exercising and stretching as a daily routine.

Five Exercises to Aid in Advanced Pain Management

T – stretches

By laying on your back spread your arms in a T position, with your legs together, bent in the knee, throw at one side and rest on the floor. Keep this position for 2 minutes and then throw your legs in the same position to the other side. Your arms, shoulders and upper part of the back mustn’t lift off the floor.

Hamstring stretching with an elastic band

By lying flat on the floor raise one of your legs straight in the air while keeping the other fully flat on the floor. Use a rubber elastic band over your raised leg’s foot and slowly pull your raised leg towards yourself with the band. Do this for 4 minutes on each leg.


Lie with your belly down, with your legs completely flat and together. Use your elbows and forearms to push your upper torso up, resembling the sphinx statue. Keep yourself in this position for 3 minutes.

Candle stretch

Pull your bottom into a wall, stretching your legs along with it. Spread your arms in a T position and try not to separate your back from the floor. This exercises will properly stretch the muscles of the lumbar part of your back – stay in this position for 8 minutes!


Stretch one of your legs towards the back while resting the rest of your body on the other leg, bent in the knee. Push your hips down and lean forward for 3 minutes.

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