The Benefits of Having Your Sperm Freezed

Fertility drops in men and women. Because men have biological clocks, their fertility naturally falls with age. As men age, sperm count and motility decline, making fertilization harder. The average sperm count has plummeted by 50% since the late 1930s and continues to diminish about 2% every year. As men age, their sperm become less viable, increasing the chance of passing on genetic mutations that cause major health conditions like autism and schizophrenia.

Young individuals may have problems conceiving, but they always enjoy motherhood. Thus, sperm freezing may be a good option for young adults who don’t want children. Recent technological advances have made sperm freezing, also known as sperm banking, a feasible, low-cost option for men who want to ensure their fertility. The sperm bank will freeze your samples for as long as you require. A sperm freezing preserved for 20 years has created babies. If starting a family isn’t right now, consider these Reasons Why to Freeze your Sperm.

  • Being a parent is one of the nicest parts of life, and it’s much better once you’ve already experienced some of life before you bring a child into the world. It is a prudent decision to freeze your sperm in order to put off having children until you feel you are ready. Sperm banking can provide you with a chance at parenthood. This is true despite the fact that you won’t be able to have children during the time that you’re unable to have children on your own due to the fact that you won’t be able to have children during that time.
  • When a man is in his twenties, the sperm he produces is less likely to have genetic abnormalities than the sperm he produces when he is in his forties and fifties. By reserving some of your sperm while it’s still young and healthy, you can improve the likelihood that your offspring will enjoy good health.
  • There are occasions when you simply must be apart from your significant other for a long period of time due to work obligations. Long military deployments or extended work trips won’t prevent you from starting a family if you and your spouse opt to store your sperm in a freezer.
  • The process of storing sperm can reveal issues with fertility. As part of the sperm banking process, the majority of sperm banks do a thorough semen examination and will let you know if your present sperm health is at risk. If that’s the case, then you can start formulating strategies to enhance it.

Always do your research before settling on a sperm bank. Inquire on the laboratory’s approval, licensing, and status with the FDA. Also, know what you’ll be spending before you start the process of storing and retrieving your sperm.