Sternocleidomastoid Pain

Human body is a very complex living organisms with many different types of muscles, bones, nerves and the whole systems which are working towards correlating all of it in one functional moving body. Sternocleidomastoid is a muscle which connects your head, neck and breast muscles. It’s a generally known fact that your neck is one of the most complex muscle systems in the body, and connections made with muscles such as the sternocleidomastoid are the base example of its complexity and versatility. It is a symmetric surface muscle which is positioned on the front of the neck, with it being enclosed in the surface skin of the neck. It is made out of three parts which separate on the muscle’s ends, while its middle part is compact and thick. It connects to the upper part of the rib cage as well as the upper side of the collar bone. From there it spreads up and to the right, connecting to the bone which is located closely below your ear. Due to the connections made and localization right under the skin, this muscle builds a visible texture and shape of the neck and it’s also in a close connection with neck blood vessels, nerves and other neck structures.

Complexity of this muscle is also its downfall

Since it is such a complex and specific muscle, both in terms of its shape and function, it is also fairly gentle and sensitive to any outside strain and stress. Your neck is a very important part of your body, obviously, and without the sternocleidomastoid muscle you wouldn’t be able to perform half of regular neck movements you’re taking for granted. It allows for smooth head turning which is seamless, but once you start cramping up in this muscle, it tends to become quite a problem. A lot of people suffer from trauma experienced in car accidents. Since this muscle basically connects and holds your head in a stable position relative to your shoulders, experiencing whiplash from left to right my cause serious pain felt inside this muscle. With it also being so close to the skin it is fairly unprotected from the elements and needs additional protection in order to prevent issues such as hypothermia. You might not realize this, but a typical scarf is designed to protect this muscle specifically, along with the rest of your neck, which is believed.

Even though it is such a special muscle in your neck it is still a typical muscle. By this I mean that you do not treat pain, strain or discomfort felt in this muscle any differently than you would treat the same symptoms on your leg muscles for an example. it is necessary to note that it is one of the most exposed and sensitive muscles of your body so that might give you an idea why you need to wear scarfs when it’s cold outside as well as reacting to any pain or discomfort felt in your neck. The sooner you react the less obvious and problematic the consequences will be.

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