Soothe swelling during pregnancy in the summer

Swelling and edema are both normal and common phases in a pregnancy. If you haven’t had any issues with your veins before, the unpleasant symptoms coming with leg swelling and accumulation of water will disappear quickly after delivery. If you are one of those people whose edema and swelling carry a genetic background, you may want to try some of these generally successful rules to make the whole ordeal much easier on yourself.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is a good diet and this is an eating regime where you need to carefully determine how much of which ingredients you need. Everything is important for your health, including salt, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins – it all has its own important role which must not be ignored. During pregnancy you shouldn’t really decrease your portions and you should definitely not give up on anything. Even cholesterol has its important role as it is one of the key elements used for baby’s brain development. It might be best to consult a nutritionist just to make sure your new diet plan follows some basic guidelines of healthy eating.

Drink plenty of fluids

At first you may think that drinking less fluid will decrease swelling during pregnancy, but the truth is that you shouldn’t be doing that. It may sound unbelievable, but with less fluids being taken, your swelling will actually turn for worse. Obviously, you need to drink plenty of fluids at all times, especially during pregnancy. We’d recommend to stick with one and only fluid – water. With soft drinks and any other industrialized items it gets a bit harder to control the overall sugar intake. If you like sweet drinks, stick with freshly made fruit juices.

Take a bath with sea salt

If you don’t have the option of taking an occasional swim in sea, you can use regular sea salt to prepare a soothing bath at home. The temperature of water inside your bath tub should not exceed 37°C and while you’re in there you can do some basic exercises as it does help quite a bit.

Have your legs massaged

Swelling is usually caused by obstructed blood circulation, which can be temporarily dealt with by having massages. You may want to ask your partner to massage your legs since this is one of the most problematic parts on your body when it comes to swelling. In order to establish a better contact, use oils or body lotions, this will further motivate blood flow and excess fluid drainage.

Move around as much as you can

Physical activity in general doesn’t necessarily mean blood and sweat being drained out of you in the gym. During your pregnancy you aren’t supposed to exercise hard, but it is recommended to walk as much as possible and switch positions while you’re lying down. Another great example of physical activity during pregnancy would be swimming which is considered to be the ideal exercise for pregnant woman as it dispels strain from your legs and resets your blood circulation.

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