Sleep Deprivation symptoms and treatment

There are many consequences of sleep deprivation, some of which are actually quite worrying. Lack of sleep occurs when you are not sleeping for as long as you’re supposed to. An adult person requires 7 to 9 hours of solid sleep, but some can go by with 5-6 hours. Children and teenagers need more sleep than adults. If you’re feeling high during the day, with no sleepy phases then you’re probably sleeping enough. Public conscience about fitness and diet has increased a lot in the last couple of years but rarely will you see people discussing the importance of solid sleep. These aren’t found within general medical practices so public knowledge about the topic is definitely lacking.

Why are you suffering from sleep deprivation?

In this modern day and age the most common reason for one to suffer from sleep deprivation is over working. This doesn’t give you enough time to rest properly. Perhaps the insomnia or sleep deprivation might be caused by sleep apnea. This is usually the case with workers working in shifts so they are forced to sleep during the day, when it is hard to get some proper sleep. Whatever the reason may be, if you aren’t sleeping enough you are creating a buffer, or a debt of sleeping which needs to be solved.

When analyzing sleep deprivation symptoms and treatment it’s important to realize that some of the consequences (which are numerous) may be very worrying and unpleasant. These can affect your behavior during the day as well as physical abilities, and can vary from unpleasant to dangerous for you and others, depending on the situation.

Stress and anxiety

Stress can actually cause sleep deprivation and it can also be improved by lack of sleep. Fortunately, with application of proper treatment you may solve this problem easily. Ask your doctor for help. You may need to visit a psychiatrist in order to eliminate some of the stressful factors in your life which are causing your sleep deprivation.

Anger and depression

Both of these causes are linked to stress and can cause serious social issues and other problems related to interaction with other people. According to some researches, anger caused by sleep deprivation is one of the factors leading towards road rage. Depression, even though it’s a complex state, can be described as anger turned inside out. Response to both of these problems can be a simple improvement in terms of sleep or better dreams.

Suppression of the immunological system

This can be a serious problem since it leaves you open to every infection which appears near you. People who are missing out on their sleep are more probable to get infected from flu or cold. Literally, you can get sick from sleep deprivation.

We’ve mentioned a couple of reasons which you should take seriously and try to change your sleeping habits. If you are awake for a long time due to your job or anything else, some sacrifices need to be made as you won’t be able to push that tempo for long.

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