Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

There are many symptoms indicating pregnancy so we’ve decided to gather them all, especially those earliest ones which are often passing by unnoticed. If you are in any doubts about being pregnant or experiencing signs of pregnancy before missed period be sure to take a pregnancy test, as it can easily eliminate any doubts. If you want to be completely sure, it’s recommended to take a blood test for pregnancy which can be done in any laboratory or at your family doctor.

First things first – early symptoms of pregnancy will not be same for every woman. In fact, even if we monitor symptoms on one woman only, symptoms which will be experienced can be highly different from those symptoms experienced in the second pregnancy. These can also vary in intensity, frequency as well as longevity. Keep in mind that many pregnancy symptoms can easily be mistaken for premenstrual symptoms. In case you are not trying to get pregnant, you might think that you’re expecting your period while there is a new life starting to grow inside you. On the other hand, if you are trying to get pregnant, you might go crazy about the fact that you are experiencing any signs of early pregnancy while those were actually premenstrual symptoms. In any case, try to remain calm, eliminating stress because this can only make the whole getting pregnant period much more difficult.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you will experience a whole list of different physical and emotional changes. Chances are you will experience most of the symptoms we’re about to mention. Even though all of these symptoms are listed as early pregnancy symptoms, their appearance doesn’t necessarily need to follow this order.

A specific feeling of pregnancy might just be the first sign that you are pregnant. Once you do get pregnant, a whole array of hormones is released into your blood stream, which might just be good enough for you to simply know that something is happening down there. This is a rare occasion where a woman can feel and safely say that she feels her pregnancy, but it definitely does happen. Frequent urination is another distinctive early symptom of pregnancy, especially during the day.

Increased appetite or repulsion towards food can happen, whether in intervals or fixed. Of course, this is a consequence of hormonal changes which do actually stabilize over time, getting your eating habits back in regular order. Oversensitivity towards odors is another result of hormonal overload, making it difficult to stay in specific environments with an intensive musk.

Morning noxiousness and vomiting is probably one of the most common signs of early pregnancy, especially if it comes suddenly and for no apparent reason. Most women tend to think they are pregnant once this happens, which is usually followed by a pregnancy test to confirm it. You might have seen this symptom of early pregnancy being used in movies a lot as well.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s recommended to take a pregnancy test to confirm your condition.

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