Signs and Pictures of Throat Cancer

Throat cancer is a malicious disease, growing slowly and silently with barely noticeable symptoms. It’s almost exclusive to male population, but there were cases with women as well. Overall it takes up to 2% of all malicious tumors present in the world today.

Generally speaking, cancer is a group of conditions and problems which are affecting your health. They all have a significant influence on the basic unit of your organism – the cells. Cancer starts to develop once these cells become abnormal and lose control of their multiplication. Like all the rest organs in your body, the throat is also created from regular cells. Normal cells multiply when the body needs more cells, which is a process keeping us healthy. Benign tumors are not ignited by cancer cells and they can often be removed. In most cases they won’t appear again. Also, cells which build the benign tumors do not spread into other parts of the body and aren’t fatal.

Malicious tumor is made out of cancer cells, which are abnormal and multiply without any order. These cells can invade and destroy any surrounding tissue. Also, cancer cells can detach from the tumor and enter the blood stream or lymph system, which is a process called metastases. This is how the cancer spreads from the source of the tumor all over the body, causing new tumor growth in other parts of the body.

throat cancer pictureThroat cancer specifically is also called laryngeal cancer. It can occur in all parts of the throat – glottis, supra glottis or sub glottis. When the cancer starts to spread outside of the throat it usually appears in the lymph nodes in the neck. Also, it can easily spread into the rear part of the tongue and other parts of the throat and neck, lungs and some other parts of the body. Cancer which has spread is still the same condition being called equally to the primary cancer. Once throat cancer spreads it’s known as metastatic laryngeal cancer.

Signs of Throat Cancer

Symptoms, signs and pictures of throat cancer heavily depend on its size and position inside the throat. Most throat cancers are positioned on the glottises. These tumors are rarely painful but can cause hoarseness or other vocal changes in your voice. Tumors positioned above the glottises can cause a lump to appear on the neck, throat aches or aches around the ear area. Tumors positioned below the glottises can make breathing more difficult, which can become really loud.

A cough which doesn’t stop or a sensation of foreign bodies in the throat can also be signs to take into account for throat cancer diagnosis. As it grows, pain might improve, weight loss is also probably, your breath will go bad and it’s very likely that you will have difficulties swallowing. All of these symptoms can be caused by cancer or another, less serious sources. Only your doctor can establish a safe and reliable diagnosis, so if you’re experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, visit a specialist as soon as possible.

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