Secrets to Whiter Teeth

Teeth stain prevention

Two layers of teeth are important for this – dentin and enamel. As you grow old, enamel (which is the outer layer) slowly wears down, opening the next layer up, dentin. In order to prevent your teeth from going yellow you need to prevent the outer layer from fading away in general. Taking care about not consuming foods and beverages which can ruin your teeth’s whiteness is crucial here and the overall result is much permanent than any whitening procedure.

Whiten your teeth with home remedies

Many groceries such as pears, apples or carrots have an excellent effect in terms of teeth whitening. You may also want to try the tried and proved method of using baking soda with your toothbrush. In order to get the highest effect of all this you also may want to chew sugarless gums which will clean your teeth and make sure your saliva is running properly.

Avoid stain causing foods

Some groceries are well-known for leaving permanent stains on your teeth which will over years leave their mark. Most risky groceries for this are coffee, tea and fruit juices. Teeth stains acquired over these take a while to develop but it’s a real pain to get rid of them (you can’t really get it done on your own). Any deep colored fruits and vegetables are also known for having a bad effect in terms of teeth darkening. You can still consume blueberries; blackberries etc. but make sure to brush your teeth quickly after consummation.

Strips for teeth whitening

This is a commercial solution for an efficient method of getting your teeth whitened at home. Strips are cheap and really easy to use and you are supposed to wear them for a week or so (about 10 minutes per day), after which period you should notice some nice results.

DIY teeth whitening

There are commercial teeth whitening kits you can purchase and start whitening your teeth at home. Even some toothpaste now come with special substances which have a minor effect in terms of teeth whitening so it may be necessary to combine multiple methods in order to see some real results. Most of these preparations use abrasives which will physically work on your teeth’s layer, whitening it all out.

Some medications can also stain teeth

Tetracycline is an antibiotic known to darken the teeth and it’s most common application is with children still in development. Mouthwashes containing chlorides may also have a negative effect on your teeth whiteness. You may want to try bleaching as a measure to reduce the effect of this and if that doesn’t work, contact your dentist to arrange a deal about dental bonding.

Professional teeth whitening

Possibly the best results given to people who would like to get their teeth whitened are regular whitening procedures you can arrange with your dentist. Still, it is important to note that you should approach this with care if you have a lot of dental crowns, fillings or bridges for an example – bleaching will only make these stand out even more.

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