Restless Leg Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatments

Restless leg syndrome can ruin your sleep and induce intense and unbearable pain. After a point of time, this pain situation becomes extremely annoying. But, you should not think that there is no solution to this problem. You can not only get relief from the pain but also cure this syndrome. Let’s find some symptoms of this syndrome commonly seen in patients.

You will have a powerful urge or desire to move legs or exercise and in most cases you will be seen moving your limbs. The origin point of these urges is leg but over a period of time it will move towards your upper body.

If the person suffering from this syndrome relaxes, then problems tend to worsen. Relaxing or sleeping provokes the symptoms of this syndrome and the pain increases. Therefore, you would be in extreme dilemma while suffering from this problem.

Relief while moving: Regular movements wouldn’t provoke its symptoms and you will not feel pain. If you notice restless feeling at night, then it is certain that you are suffering from RLS. There are well-known home remedies that can help you considerably for dealing with this problem. You can use these home remedies along with the prescription given by the doctor.

You should contact a professional and experienced medical practitioner who has been dealing with such cases and find out some remedies for getting relief from this problem. There are various things in your house itself, which can help to reduce the pain and in some cases cure the syndrome too. Following are some of the home-remedies that can come handy:

You can drink tonic water before sleeping. Many people find this helpful for dealing with the problem of restlessness.

You should wrap your legs with heat pads for maintaining good circulation. You can make this a habit until your problem gets resolved.

There are various vitamins and minerals for getting relief from this ailment. You can either prepare some natural drinks or purchase them from local medical store which help in treating this syndrome. You should avoid creams and ointments for curing the problem of restlessness because they are not effective. You can stick with home treatments recommended by the doctor or some health expert and continue it until the syndrome is completely cured. These home remedies are proven methods for dealing the problem. Moreover, they don’t have any negative impact, so you can stick with them. It is essential for you to remember that home remedies are not the permanent solution, so along with these remedies you should also follow medical treatment suggested by the doctor.

Initially, restless leg syndrome starts with minor urges of leg movements at night time. But, if you ignore this symptom, then after sometime the problem worsens and along with urge to move legs, there is pain in joints and legs. At final stages, the patient becomes restless and is not able to sit comfortably. You should not let situation to reach up to this stage, and consult the doctor as you notice the symptom.

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