Recognize early signs of pregnancy before missed period with certainty

If you’re familiar with your menstrual cycle you can recognize pregnancy almost one week after ovulation. By monitoring your basal temperature you can determine whether you are pregnant or not a whole week before you miss your period (one week after ovulation). Increased body temperature is considered to be one of the early signs of pregnancy before missed period and it is a very confident factor which can be used in these situations. Still, deviations are possible so if you want to safely determine the pregnancy you will still need to consult the issue with your doctor.

Things to know before making assumptions about basal temperature

This kind of assumption making isn’t always reliable, so it’s important to have a good reserve of thought. This principle works only if you used to measure your basal temperature before in your cycle and you know exactly when you ovulated. Additionally, not a single cycle is ideal so deviations are almost always present. However, if you’ve developed a habit of measuring your basal temperature and you know the trend of how it changes during the cycle, the temperature swings should be a reliable factor here. Basal temperature is supposed to be measured early in the morning before you leave the bed with a regular thermometer for about five minutes. You can put it into your armpit.

Key days of the cycle are 13th or 14th day, which is the ovulating period, and then you have the 21st day which should be followed with a slight temperature increase if there is a pregnancy in the works. On the 25th day you might experience a decrease in body temperature if there is no pregnancy to speak of. If your cycles aren’t regular and tend to be either longer or shorter than 28 days, it’s important to recognize the ovulation because women with irregular menstrual cycles have a constant first phase of the cycle, while the second phase is almost always equal in its longevity – about 14 or 15 days. This period is followed by similar temperature properties, no matter how long your cycle lasts in total.

Other early symptoms of pregnancy

There is a whole list of other symptoms that might indicate a pregnancy but since these are all different depending on the woman, take them with a grain of salt. One of the most famous early pregnancy symptoms is definitely morning sickness and vomiting which can happen early in the pregnancy, even before you notice it. Many women think that they’ve poisoned themselves with food or there is a flu coming. Even though this is known as morning sickness, it can happen repeatedly during the day.

Excessive fatigue is another fairly common early symptom of pregnancy which is so intense that it has to be acknowledged. There is a big difference between minor and major fatigue and during this early stage of your pregnancy you will experience a lot of hormonal changes which will result in heavy fatigue all around.

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