Radon Symptoms

Radon is a chemically inert gas which is a natural product of uranium decay. Uranium decays in several products which are emitting different kinds of ionizing radiation. Radon itself is a known cause of lung cancer, and about 12% of deaths by lung cancer are caused by radon. Similarly to the asbestos exposure, smoking improves the risk of getting a lung cancer with people who are working with radon. This material can easily rise up from the ground and enter homes through any holes in the base, through pipes, drains or any other openings. It is an invisible gas with no smell but can easily be detected with a specific device.

Lung cancer is the most common condition caused by radon exposure. Giving up smoking and staying away from radon are both highly significant measures that can be taken in order to avoid this condition. A lot of products can aid you in this; you can use nicotine gums, sprays or inhalators to reduce the effect of suddenly giving up on smoking. By using the home test for radon detection you can easily register an increased level of radon inside your home. Methods that allow for cancers to be diagnosed early such as CT can also be of high benefit to those people who have been living in such conditions for a while, eliminating the chance of the cancer to reach its metastasis phase.

Means of preventing radon caused conditions

Some of the more common radon symptoms are severe coughs and shallow breathing, which are both symptoms that should be taken seriously. In most cases, people who have been exposed to significant amounts of radon will cough up blood soon enough but other than that there are no symptoms to be noted. The biggest issue with this gas is that it is highly toxic and you can’t really recognize it without the detection device. In most cases, people will already be diagnosed with a cancer caused by radon at the time they start doubting that there is a radon leak somewhere in their house.

Obvious solutions for these problems are to carefully check around your home for radon leaks and if there are any, you should consider completely revamping your home’s base structure. There are standardized measures you can rely on with this and if it is done right you should be completely safe from radon induced conditions. If you’re looking for a device with which you will be able to test your home for excessive radon presence, consider purchasing a radon test kit which costs about $20. It’s really easy to use and its benefits are obvious – you can save lives, literally.

With all that said, radon does represent a significant threat for your health and should be dealt with as soon as possible. In case you do experience severe and awkward coughs, don’t delay a visit to your doctor in order to determine what might be wrong. The sooner you do this, higher the chances are for you to avoid any radon caused problems.

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