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Plan My Baby Review

It’s not a rare occasion that parents would prefer to get a boy instead of a girl or vice-versa, and even though there is little to none chance of you accomplishing this at your own initiative, it’s still an interesting way to spice up your baby creation period. After all, nothing in this will cost you any extra money or will you harm yourself or your baby in any way. There are countless routines and recommendations you may need to do in order for you to select your baby’s gender and do everything accordingly, but in most cases these aren’t logical or systematic and simply represent a waste of your time and effort.

Plan My Baby is fun

Instructions we’re going to discuss today have been justified as fun, easy to follow and it’s definitely going to add a bit of that “wish for it and it will happen” impression. Gender of the baby is actually influenced on by many different factors, among which there are a couple of which you may want to focus on if you really want to have a boy or a girl. Superstition or not, the methods mentioned in this program may just help you get the hang of it so you can hope for the wished for gender of your baby.

The main factor which is going to be discussed in this program is ovulation and its varieties. This has a noticeable effect on the gender of your baby. There are specific periods of your ovulation or menstrual cycle which are considered to be the best time for you to conceive. Also, keep in mind that your egg can stay functional only for about 24 hours or less, which doesn’t give you plenty of time to work.

On top of that, men have a significant influence here as well. Sperms can carry either the X or Y chromosome. The Y carrying sperm are smaller and quick, in comparison with the X carrying ones. With this in mind, some main principles of gender management can be recognized – in order for you to give birth to a boy, you’d want to get the sperm as quickly as possible to the egg, as they won’t live as long. If you’re wishing for a girl, you’d want to get the sperm in a bit early, at least for four days before ovulating, as this will practically eliminate the boy-resulting sperm.

All of these tips and tricks and many more can be found in the Plan My Baby program. There is a lot more information you’d want to learn before attempting this, as there is a significant percentage of validity in sexual position, timing and even diet. This program is designed for people who are looking to invest a bit more time into trying to purposely affect the gender of their baby, so it will require quite a bit of time invested into researching the subject. These factors are easy to understand, but you need to get them all working at once if you’re looking to get the highest efficiency of this routine.

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