Phantom vibration syndrome

There are very few people using mobile phones who have not at least once felt their phone vibrating when it was actually not. This is called phantom vibrating syndrome and is becoming very common with each passing day. This syndrome has been around since almost as long as mobile phones, but it has seen an increase with the introduction of smartphones into the market. More than 90 percent of people all over the world accept the fact that they check their smartphones every few minutes either for calls or social media updates or other purposes. And this thereby shows how this tiny piece of technology is controlling our lives.

The increase in people experiencing phantom vibration syndrome has led researchers to conduct studies that has revealed some interesting facts. The neurotransmitters in your brain triggers a false alarm of making you believe that your phone is vibrating when it is not. Your brain is a very high-end sophisticated piece of work that is not easy to trick. But this phantom vibration syndrome is a trick that is played on your brain, which goes to show the alarming sign of how your mobile phone has an iron grip on you. There is another extremely adverse consequence of this. If you are unable to check your phone when you feel it is vibrating or ringing, it leads to anxiety. This anxiety over a period can result in obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and mania. Checking your phone after every few minutes is almost like washing your hands after every few minutes and is a kind of obsession.

Take back control of your life

The only way to avoid the phantom vibration syndrome, caused by your smartphone, is to take back, the control of your life. This can only be done by treating as your smartphone only as a piece of technology and not as your only communication with the world. Check yourself from obsessively checking your phone every few minutes and even if you feel your phone is vibrating, do not instantly pick it up. If you feel anxious about checking your phone, divert your mind and after doing this exercise for a few days, it would slowly become a habit. You would be able to see for yourself how much relaxed you feel, and the sensation of phantom vibration syndrome would reduce as well. The best way, to get rid of the smartphone dominating your world is to stop making it a center of your universe and instead make it just a part of it.

Smartphones are there to keep you connected to the world but if it makes you mentally ill, it is doing more harm than good. Instead of focusing on communicating with the world through a device, get out and have direct communication. You would stay healthier and your overall health, especially your brain would thank you for this.

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