Phantom Ringing Syndrome

Why is there a buzzing in the ears?

Ringing in the ears is one of the major problems that people suffer from. There are several theories that do the round about such buzzing in the ear. One of them is that such a buzzing sound is the consequence of electromagnetic interference.

This buzzing in the ear is termed as Phantom Ringing Syndrome. It is said to be a 21st century phenomenon that is experienced by all those people who use their mobile phones for a prolonged period. You will learn about many such individuals who keep checking their phone day in and day out, thinking there are calls or messages. But in reality, the phone has not rung at all.

This phenomenon of checking the phone frequently thinking it is buzzing is better termed as Phantom Ringing Syndrome by the scientists. According to the scientists researching on this phenomenon, this sensation occurs because of a triggered electrical activity in the body. The electric signals come into the phone through the surrounding transmission and give a feeling of vibration to the nerves in that part of the body where the phone is placed.

The Phantom Ringing Syndrome is a kind of vibration that is very similar to the noise of a buzz that is produced when the phone rings in front of the speaker. The feeling is in real, and it is a sensation that can be felt in the body.

When do you experience the Phantom Ringing Syndrome?

The Phantom Ringing Syndrome is also often known as the Phantom Vibration Syndrome. It can be experienced while you are busy doing some activity. It can be while watching the TV, taking a shower or just reading a book. One of the reasons why such a sensation can happen to you or any other person using a mobile phone is that, the humans are sensitive to the tones that range from 1000 and 6000 Hz. The basic ringing of the mobile phones belongs to this interval and can also be difficult to locate. Thus, most people get a sense of confusion when they feel the buzzing sound at a distance.

The false sense of phone vibrating can also result from the neurological or the psychological sources within the human body. The Phantom Ringing Syndrome also speaks a lot about your attachment to the mobile device. Although the issue is not troublesome at all, but nonetheless it is an intriguing study of the relationship people have with their phones in the present generation. It is a form of hallucination, and healthy people do not usually hallucinate. Thus, it is a rare form of hallucination too.

Why does this Phantom Ringing Syndrome happen?

There are two types of skin receptors in the human body. Both these receptors can detect the vibrations; one can receive the slow vibration and the other, the high-frequency vibrations. Since the cell phones vibrate at a moderate frequency, both the receptors transmit the sensation to the brain, thereby giving you the feeling of vibration or ringing of the phone while nothing is happening in reality.

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