Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy as per the medical studies is very low. Once a patient gets detected with this condition, the average pancreatic life expectancy varies from 5-8 months only, although 20% of the pancreatic patients can survive up to 1 year. The life expectancy for patients who live over 5 years attributes only 5 % of the population. These percentages, however can vary depending on the stages of cancer and its treatment which may facilitate and extension of the sufferer’s life. Some alternative diagnosis is acclaimed to prolong the patient’s life. Obviously, after going through all the devastating data, there is no unsolved mystery behind pancreatic cancer, which is the second most dreadful disease throughout the world. In the United States pancreatic cancer takes all the credit for the death of 1 % of its population. This figure exemplifies death relating to all the possible reasons, even including the dangerous and incurable HIV/AIDS.

What are the reasons for low pancreatic cancer life expectancy? As the name suggest, it is no doubt owing to the pancreas (an organ responsible for secretion of helpful enzymes to aid digestion), which is very much located in the body. The location of the pancreas is analytical and hence created hindrances for doctors to get the tumors identified across in the initial stages. An element of speed also combines and gets associated with the fast spreading of the tumor. These tumors can seep in and build up in areas of body which are virtually difficult to identify and operate on. The high end chemotherapies or radiations also are incapable of targeting these tumors. Blood vessels and lymph nodes are some examples to the above description.

Patients, who have a larger life expectancy while dealing with pancreatic cancer, have tumors which do not spread and settle in the virtual areas of the human body. They can be treated with surgeries that target on the eradication of these tumors. However there are many exceptions to the above as tumors can be repercussive and can harm the body again.

Measures to avoid getting pancreatic cancer

Medically and technologically speaking there is no specific set of do’s and don’ts’ for pancreatic cancer. Some studies have revealed that “No Smoking” principle works as an advantage to keep pancreatic cancer at a bay. Sufficient intake of balanced, healthy diet, maintaining weight, physical exercises cuts down the risk of getting the disease. Some unavoidable conditions acquire by an individual can also lead to the pancreatic cancer.

On a concluding note, life expectancy in pancreatic cancer is fluctuating and may depend on several conditions unknown to us. Awareness should be the need of the hour so as to bring this concept of pancreatic cancer in the light, especially the government and research mediums. This is very much essential as pancreatic cancer is currently under-funded disease. Perhaps the more people are aware of this grieving disease the more it will be attended and taken care of. Stand up and speak up as unity truly brings in a lot of power.

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