Pain on left side of Stomach

Stomach cavity, including the pelvis part is a complex part of the body, representing home for a variety of different organs. This is also an intersection where many vita blood and lymph vessels pass through. Based on this large number of organs and organic systems, it’s not unusual for the stomach to be a source of all kinds of pain. Generally, we separate stomach pains into chronic and acute. Chronic pain has a tendency to appear occasionally and last for a longer while, while the acute type of pain is usually more dangerous. It can indicate a presence of a condition which may be life threatening if it goes by ignored.

Common issues

A very common disease is the so called virus gastroenterocolitis, known as stomach fever. It’s a virus inflammation of the digestive system which is usually manifested with stomach pains, nausea followed by vomiting and diarrhea as well as high body temperature. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these symptoms will make their appearance. The most important thing you should do about this is to drink more fluid, especially in case of more intensive vomiting or diarrhea as you can dehydrate. A large number of people must avoid specific types of food, whether this new diet regime dictates their health condition or they suffer some consequences after consummation. For an example, patients suffering with gall problems may experience pain on left side of stomach, which is usually ignited after consummation of fatty foods.

When should you visit a doctor?

Not all of these conditions are serious or life threatening so you might not need medical intervention. However, if the pain you’re experiencing feels unknown and distant or you’re not sure in your own assumption, you can always ask for medical assistance and advice.

If the cause for your stomach pain is known from before and you already have a recommended diet routine, as well as any medication and drugs to accompany it, you might not need to report to your doctor at all. Also, if you’re dealing with regular diarrhea or virus gastroenterocolitis, you probably won’t need medical assistance as you can help yourself.

Some conditions may be very severe though, so if the pains have started suddenly, being of high intensity and especially if you notice blood in your stool, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Sure, this might be a sign of hemorrhoids which are easy to deal with, but the same symptoms can be found in colon cancer, which is obviously a serious condition. Experiencing pain on the left side of your stomach after digestion might also indicate diverticular disease, which is a fairly uncomfortable condition where you’ll be experiencing severe changes in your digestion cycles. All in all, if you’re intending to do some self-treatment – don’t. Trust your doctor and follow his advices and routines as this is the only feasible procedure which can benefit you in any case.

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