Most common early signs of pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms may occur a week or two after conception, and it’s possible for you to be completely unaware of your pregnancy until you experience your first missed period. In pregnancy there are no rules to acknowledge. Symptoms are highly different from one woman to another, which means that some women may experience many early symptoms while other women may not experience any early signs of pregnancy whatsoever.

Morning sickness

Early symptoms of pregnancy are definitely vomiting and sicknesses. Despite the fact we call these morning sicknesses, a big majority of pregnant women (85% of them) experience sicknesses all day long. There are many theories why these happen, with not one of these theories being scientifically proven. A general assumption is that these are caused by the hormone of pregnancy, known as gonadotropin.

In order to reduce the effect of morning sicknesses you may want to change your diet a bit, fitting it with a balanced schedule of smaller meals during the day. Also, some pregnant women have shown some benefits from consuming vitamin B6, which is often prescribed by doctors.

Sicknesses tend to stop in the third or fourth month of pregnancy, but this is not a rule. Some pregnant women have sicknesses the entire day and the whole pregnancy, some only in one period of the day and others don’t experience sicknesses at all.

The reflex of vomiting is very common throughout the entire pregnancy and it’s easy to be challenged by a smell or thoughts about certain foods, especially with mechanical irritations such as teeth brushing.

Eyes drying out, causing visual problems

A less common early symptom of pregnancy is when eyes dry out, causing the sight to be a bit blurry. With an improved circulation it is possible for the whole body to swell a bit, including the eyelids and area surrounding the eyes. This can cause difficulties with vision. Also, unbalanced hormone levels can cause the eyes to dry up. In case these problems become unpleasant, you can help yourself with eye drops or common rests of the eye, especially if you’re staring in monitor or a TV commonly.

Breast size increasing

About 6 or 7 weeks in, hormones start to prepare the breasts for nursing, which results with tense and enlarged breasts. It’s important to choose comfortable bras, made of cotton which is regular size, allowing you to feel comfortable and have enough support.

Libido swings

Hormones and improved blood circulation all around have an influence on the sensitivity of vagina and clitoris. With some pregnant women these changes affect the increase of libido, while in other cases it causes the libido to descend. Both are completely normal.

Emotional swings

Early pregnancy symptoms include emotional swings which aren’t just limited on the first trimester. Common mood swings are very typical for the entire pregnancy period, as well as inability to control your emotions. You may experience waves of happiness followed by waves of sadness and depressions, and this is considered to be completely normal for pregnant women.

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