Mobile Cecum Syndrome

A complete guide to Mobile Cecum Syndrome

The cecum is a segment of our intestinal tract within our body. It is positioned right in the midst of the small and the large intestine and is also identified as the root of the appendix.

The mobile cecum syndrome is described as the pain in the abdomen in the cecum when it is not associated with the other parts of the abdomen in a proper manner. Although the reason for detachment of the cecum from the abdomen is not known, it causes severe pain. If left untreated, it can result in volvulus that is dangerous.

The symptoms of mobile cecum syndrome

This disease is primarily seen in children but in adults, too it can be present in the form of a precursor for Frank cecal volvulus. The symptoms of mobile cecum syndrome are colicky pain in the right lower part of the abdomen. There can also be high-pitched bowel sounds during this pain.

How to detect a mobile cecum syndrome?

It is quite common for cecum to be detached from the back wall of the intestine. But when the detachment is more than normal, there can be drastic pain in the lower quadrant of the intestine.

How to measure the separation of the cecum in the intestine?

There are no means to measure the attachment of the cecum, and thus it cannot be measured about how much the pain in the abdomen can affect a patient. The symptoms of pain can improve to some extent after reattaching the cecum, but it certainly does not mean that detachment was the only cause of the abdominal pain.

Along with the unexplained pain in the abdomen, there can be other symptoms like constipation and diarrhea. The irritable bowel syndrome is also quite common in case of the detached cecum in the intestine. However, it must also be noted that mobile cecum syndrome necessarily does not mean a detached cecum in the gut.

The volvulus of the cecum is yet another condition that can occur because of mobile cecum syndrome. In the condition of Volvulus, one part of the intestine gets twisted upon itself thereby cutting the blood supply. Although Volvulus of the cecum is not very common in people, usually this happens when the detachment of the cecum from the intestine is bigger than usual. In a case of mobile cecum syndrome, there is no cut in the blood supply, but there is still a detachment in the cecum.

Surgical removal of the appendix is also a possible recovery method. However, not all patients intend to go for surgery and thus the treatment involves oral medication. However, there is no easy way or method available for measuring the detachment of the cecum, which can complicate the treatment procedure of the mobile cecum syndrome. It is also worth noting that early diagnosis can help in better and quick recovery from the lower right side abdominal pain.

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