Low Iron Symptoms

Low Iron Symptoms:

Iron is crucial in our body because it is helpful in carrying oxygen across different parts of body.  This means that if your iron count is low, then your oxygen and red blood cell count would also be low and such a situation would lead to unwanted problems in the body. This condition is popular known as anemia and can be easily identified by its symptoms. Following are some low iron symptoms:


Oxygen is responsible for producing energy in our body. If there is lack of oxygen, due to low iron count, then we would have a feeling that we lack energy. In simple words, our body needs oxygen for producing energy and if there is no energy in the body parts, so you will feel lethargic.

Shortness of Breath:

As a result of shortage of oxygen, you will have no option but to circulate it quickly by taking in more oxygen while breathing. Such an action will lead to breathlessness.


If you body, which also includes brain gets less oxygen, then you will feel dizziness. Such a situation also happens when you are suddenly shocked or suddenly stop while you are running. In such a situation, the brain stops working and you feel as if you are about to faint. Individual suffering from anemia also notice similar problems.

Change of Stool Color:

This is a good indication that your iron count is low. Iron has a lot to do with the appearance of your stool. If the iron count in your body keeps reducing, then stool will keep changing.

Burning Sensation in Tongue:

This is one of most common low iron symptoms. It happens due to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. You would experience burning sensation in tongue and throat. You might also notice the sensation around the corners of your mouth.

Now let us look at the risk factors and treatment of anemia.

Risk Factors

You should be aware of certain risk factors responsible for causing anemia. This can help you in successfully diagnosing with the problem. It has been found that women are approximately seven times more likely to experience the problem when compared to men, especially when they are experiencing heavy periods. During their periods, women end up losing lots of blood, which also includes iron.

In the same manner, if you have lost blood due to any particular reason, then you are likely to suffer from the deficiency of iron. Initially, the color of your stool will change. Thereafter, you will not feel like eating and your diet will be lost. And since you would not eat green leafy vegetables, then the situation will further worsen.


If you wish to successful get rid of this problem, then there are few steps which you need to take at its initial stages. The first step obviously should be to consult an expert doctor. And get supplements to bring the iron count to normalcy. For extreme cases, you have to take extreme measures. If the situation is still under control, then you can bring changes in your diet and start following a regimen for dealing with the problem.

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