Liver Disease Symptoms

With patients who are suffering from any kind of liver disease, especially with chronic progress are best of to use dieting therapy as their best way out.

Food as Medicine

Alcohol, conserved food, fat and fried food as well as barbecue are all food types which can represent a high threat to your liver condition. On the other hand we have artichokes, parsley, carrots and other vegetables which have a positive effect on your liver disease and can definitely help you get over it more efficiently. Dieting therapy has become almost as a traditional systematic guideline for treating liver diseases. Because of this you might find diets which are labeled as liver diets and these are recommended if you experience any liver disease symptoms at any point in your life. This diet doesn’t only indicate improving your supplements, yet it also has a significant effect on where the condition is going.

Adequate dieting regime which includes enough calories and a good relation of nutrients with a high accent towards proteins can help return the balance of your liver. Diet regime is not universal for all liver conditions, as there is a basic difference in the amounts of protein and calorific value. Generally speaking, most calories need to come from carbohydrates – fruit and vegetables are your best source of this as well as honey for an example. In terms of protein, you should use cottage cheese, lean meat, skinned milk, eggs and fish. The amount of fat intake needs to be reduced significantly (down to 40-60 grams per day), when it’s recommended to use plant oils – olive oil for an example.

Basic Diet Rules

All of these problems can be addressed with a proper diet routine, and we know of three basic types of diet which have proven to be very useful and efficient. Tea diet is usually done as the first step in dealing with liver diseases, when you have no appetite and it’s difficult for you to consume any food. This is a period when you need to drink a lot of tea, sweetened with sugar or honey. If it suits you, you can try some apple pies, vegetable soups with rice etc.

Strict diet for the middle period is still lean and contains mostly from foods and drinks which won’t put too much stress on your liver or stomach. Besides tea diet you can eat yoghurt, cottage cheese, rice on milk, soups with added rice and similar.

A protective diet consists of specific dieting regime which is completely adapted to your status and desires. Usually, you can get a recommended routine from your doctor or nutritionist and it’s important to follow it through because this is the finishing stage of liver disease treatment and recovery. Make sure to change your lifestyle thoroughly, at least that part which focuses on what you eat and how much. Consummation of fruits, vegetables and lean protein is crucial for this recovery and it’s generally accepted as a healthy diet routine you might want to follow through the rest of your life.

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