Link between stress during pregnancy and abortion

Life circumstances during pregnancy may not always allow the pregnant woman to enjoy her new, blessed state. No matter whether the cause for stress is work, family or marital relations, the appearance of stress worries many future moms. The worst scenario during this period even gets you thinking about abortion. What’s the link between these symptoms?

Researches done so far haven’t found a link between regular, everyday stress and abortion. The same applies for any sudden stressful events caused by an unsuspected sound. It can frighten, but it hasn’t been proven that such events may cause spontaneous abortions. Stress on its own usually isn’t the only factor causing abortion to happen. In most abortions the cause is usually unknown, or it was impossible for the woman to control whichever symptom that may be. For an example, about 50 to 70% of abortions in the first trimester are considered to be randomly generated by chromo somatic abnormalities in the fertilized egg. This means that the egg or the sperm cell had a wrong number of chromosomes, causing the embryo to develop in a wrong way.

Level of stress which may have an influence on the baby

When the stress levels experienced by the mother are extremely high, in events such as divorce, serious financial issues or loss of a loved one, it may cause some consequences on baby’s health. Researches have proven that these consequences may cause premature birth or a lower birth weight than normal and it’s also believed that babies carried in such conditions tend to develop conditions such as asthma or allergies.

Worrying during pregnancy

It’s definitely not an easy task to be responsible for another life being carried in your belly. It’s completely natural to worry about what you’re eating, what you are thinking about and how you are feeling. It’s also normal to think about the baby’s health and are you even ready to accept such a huge responsibility. A mild dosage of stress during pregnancy can be beneficial to say the least, but too much of it can cause some serious problems.

If you are extremely tens or have a specific reason to be worried for the baby’s health, share your thoughts with the doctor who is monitoring your pregnancy. If you do not feel better after a checkup or discussion had with your gynecologist, contact pregnancy advisory board, get involved with people who are having similar issues and ask for help from other, more experienced women. This will make you realize that you are not alone in this and that people all over the world are suffering and constantly seeking for solutions to similar problems.

It’s best to talk with your partner as well, because sharing your thoughts and relieving yourself from any unnecessary stress does help a lot. If it is possible, quit your job – this may be the reason enough for which you are feeling stressful and not in control about what’s happening around you. After all, you should be willing to do anything to ensure that your baby receives the best chances of succeeding in its life.

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