Let’s discuss the Tapeworm diet

The newest fad in the weight-loss industry (so to speak) is the tapeworm diet. It’s unnecessary to say, right from the start, that doctors do not recommend this method for losing weight. This diet consists of a very simple eating regime – you basically eat whatever you want. However, the catch lies in the fact that you’re supposed to swallow a tapeworm, which is then consuming a significant percentage of whatever you eat. By doing this, you will lose weight because the body is not absorbing any nutrients. At the same time, your organism will probably suffer a bit due to the lack of the same. Weight-loss is more of a side-effect from this fad diet, as the list of negative consequences is quite long and significant. The parasite can be deadly, and even the American administration for food and medication has forbidden it. After all, a medical intervention is required in order to get rid of the tapeworm. Once it has been removed out of your system, you will probably get all of your weight back because there are no new habits developed from your side.

Should you use this method?

I’ll be discussing all of the pros and cons of the tapeworm diet so you will need to determine is that OK with you, after all it is your body we’re talking about here. To start with, you need to understand all of the dangers that a tapeworm infection brings with it. This is a serious medical condition which is treated on its own and it definitely doesn’t represent a walk in the park when it comes to curing it. The diet as such does work, but even calling this method a diet is a bit deceiving, as in reality you can say the same for having cancer or HIV – you also lose weight. This might be a bit of an extreme analogy, but it really is similar, since you’re basically infected with something and you lose weight as a side-effect.

Among all of the desperate solutions people undertake in order to lose weight; this diet in particular has really caught my attention. The bacteria infection is not something you should get intentionally in order to lose weight, as there is a whole list of side-effects to cope with in a short while, abdominal pain, general weakness, headaches, diarrhea, bloating – just to mention a few.

Tyra Banks has made an interesting representation of this diet back in 2009 on her show, where everything was graphically presented, allowing the people who aren’t aware of the dangers to understand them. Fads in diets are not as easy to forget as regular fads, so if you’re interested in following this routine, please check out the Tyra Banks episode on this on YouTube, if everything written in this article hasn’t changed your mind. Losing weight can be a pleasant and fulfilling experience and you’re also supposed to improve your general health condition, not endanger it with bacteria or anything else of that kind.

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