Lemonade Diet Recipe

In order to be efficient, this diet needs to be held seven days and you’re basically not allowed to eat anything a few days following into the end of it. This diet will help you clean your organism in a more or less intensive way, so if you’re intending on keeping with it for longer, consult your doctor. This is a detox diet which is packed with Vitamin C and it’s extremely beneficial for hair and skin. It has also been proven that it is efficient towards preventing cardiovascular diseases as well as the digestive system. In a week with this diet it is possible to lose 6 pounds.

Lemonade Recipe

Lemonade should be done with two big spoons of raw lime or lemon juice along with two same spoons containing maple syrup. A tenth of the spoon needs to be occupied with cayenne pepper along with finishing everything up with as much of warm water as you like. The lemonade should always be drunk fresh so that all nutrients are kept in an efficient state. If you have an electric mixer, you can grind a bit of the lemon’s shell and add it to the lemonade for extra effect. This has a laxative effect, which helps to deal with clogs and cleans your intestines, or you can simply use laxative teas to accomplish the same effect.

This is a basic lemonade diet recipe which is basically a rich lemonade juice, which has a lot of positive effects on your organism. On the other hand, it’s important to drink at least 10 of these cups per day in order to ensure your body has enough energy. It’s also important to enter this diet gradually, taking smaller steps. Three days before you start with the diet, stop using any industrial products as well as meat and replace these with fresh fruits and vegetables. Two days before you should intake only liquid foods and the last day before you start with the diet drink only freshly made orange juice (2L of it minimum).

The advantages of this diet are obvious – you will clean your body from all of the possible toxins, you will also experience an improved and quick loss of weight. Your skin tone will improve and if you had troubles with fragile and sensitive skin, this diet will definitely help you deal with it. Once you’re done with this diet, you will feel reborn, as a regular cleansing is required to be done every once in a while. With all of the modern food chains of today, the amount of bad ingredients we intake is basically dangerous, so giving your body a stress like this occasionally is bound to improve your health status.

There is a drawback to this diet, and it’s important for you to check this for yourself. Persons who are experiencing high acid levels in their stomach will find this diet to be completely contraindicative. If you are suffering from this, you will experience minor symptoms when you start with the diet, so make sure to response to it and find another solution.

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