Left Testicle Pain – Most common causes

There are many reasons for you to experience testicular pain and none of these should be ignored. Despite the fact that you might be going through a temporary inflammation or the pain is caused by a physical trauma, you should never just “let it pass” on its own. Your testicles are very sensitive and they need to be dealt with high care.

The first thing you need to do is stop panicking. Many men think that they are suffering from testicular cancer whenever there is a strange occurrence, numbness or pain felt on their testicles. There are many reasons and conditions which may cause you to feel pain in your testicle.


This is a condition affecting the surface layer of the scrotum, mostly caused by some kind of urinary infection. Common symptoms of this condition are redness on the skin as well as an itchy sensation which tends to intensify after eventual scratching. It’s one of those conditions which will go away on its own.


Orchitis is another testicular disease which is linked to urinary infections. One of the most visible consequences of this condition is swelling of the scrotum skin. In case there is a bigger amount of fluid accumulation, the swelling may just as well be accompanied by pain as well.


This is a condition which affects testicular veins and it usually shows its presence by a large swell. There are no other exterior symptoms to be noted. Pain can feel a bit numb, intensifying on pressure.

Spermatic Cyst

These can be created on top of the epididymitis of the testicles (visible on the outside layer of the scrotum). Pain is usually accompanied with this and intensifies as the condition gets worse. Cause for this condition is yet unknown – it’s usually caused by physical trauma or bacteria inflammation, though there were many other causes mentioned, possibly originating from genetic heritage.


Hernia is yet another common reason for one to experience testicular pain, despite the fact that it doesn’t necessarily need to be accompanied by left testicle pain. It can happen symmetrically or in one of the testicles, depending on the physical properties of the strain which has caused the pain to begin with. Hernia is caused when the abdomen muscle collapses and some of the internal abdomen ingredients may descend down into the testicular area.

Testicular torsion

This is another physical cause for one to experience testicular pain. Torsion of the testicles can occur during long term or sudden intensive physical strain.


In any case, every change noticed in the testicular region or the male reproductive organ in general needs to be reported to an urologist as soon as possible. This will ensure a timely diagnosis, which is inevitable for the treatment to be successful and efficient as possible. The condition doesn’t necessarily need to be serious – but there is no way for you to know this. One of the most important measures you can do is check in with your urologist.

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