Left Lower Quadrant Pain

Your belly is basically the whole area stretching from the bottom of your ribs to the pelvis bones. Even though pain in the belly can start from the tissue of the diaphragm, it’s usually considered for this pain to originate from the organs positioned in this area such as stomach, intestines, liver, gall, pancreas etc. Sometimes, this pain is caused by disturbances in other organs which are near but don’t belong to the stomach cavity such as kidneys, uterus, ovaries etc.

This pain can be caused by inflammations, different contractions or organ stretching, and it can also happen during reduced supply of blood to some of these organs. It is usually an acute problem which needs to be dealt with very gingerly and quickly as it can easily become chronic if there isn’t adjacent therapy applied as soon as possible. During diagnosis establishment, one needs to focus on the location of the pain radiating, character of the pain and how it changes over time as well as any additional symptoms following up on it such as vomiting, bleeding from the rectum etc.

Location of the pain

Your belly can be divided into four major quadrants – upper right, upper left, bottom left and bottom right. Different regions of your stomach can be recognized as epigastria regions and the pelvic region, representing two distant locations of the pain. In case the pain is spread across the middle or is felt in the entire stomach, then the appearance of pain is characterized as general and can happen due to all kinds of different diseases and it usually disappears by applying a proper therapy. Bad digestion can also cause this.

If the pain is concentrated on one specific spot, such as the left lower quadrant pain, the causes can be many, but it’s possible to establish a general diagnosis of the condition. In the left lower part of your belly, pain can be experienced due to some gynecological conditions in women, or some other diverticular diseases. Lower right quadrant pains can indicate late symptoms of blind intestine inflammations as well as any ovary cists and infections.

Character of the pain

A numb, burning pain sensation which is gradually reduced after a meal is a classic symptom of peptic ulcer for an example. Pain which appears and disappears in short intervals happens during obstruction of an organ found inside the stomach cavity such as a stone in the urethra channel. Pain in the lower quadrant is also common with infections of the urinary tract.

Children and stomach pain

Children may experience a big variation in between weak and very strong. In case the child is experiencing long and permanent pain, it needs to get medical assistance as soon as possible. Depending on the case, an emergency operation may need to be performed, especially if the issue is related to intestines or any inflammations in the region. Any type of pain experienced in the abdominal region needs to be acknowledged as it may indicate a serious, even life threatening, condition which can be prevented.

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