Known Heart Disease Causes

When we talk about health, it is of critical importance to understand and acknowledge basic processes of diseases in order to act in time and prevent further complications caused by them. With the significant development of medicine we are closely reaching the limits of possible diagnoses, which are pointing towards the fact that prevention of heart diseases needs to have upmost priority when it comes to planning out your health and life.  Your blood stream is basically the channel for your blood to be channeled to all cells in your body. Hormones travel the same way, as well as oxygen, carbon dioxide – even your body temperature highly depends on your blood stream. An adult person has about 5000 mL of blood, of which about 70 mL is pulsed at once.

Common causes for heart diseases

Today we know of many heart disease causes and risk factors which are also affecting your bloodstream. Some of these may not be influenced on (genetics, gender and age) while some others may be kept under control. It’s best to focus on those factors you can influence on and give out your best to prevent any heart diseases from happening – this is basically everything you can do about this problem.

You can reduce the bad influence of increased blood fats, stop smoking, control diabetes, control obesity, keep your stress under control and most importantly, do plenty of physical activities. The influence of a specific factor on heart disease appearance highly varies based on its relative influence from all of the risk factors mentioned before. Because of this, causes for heart diseases can’t be generalized and unified for the complete population, yet the approach is highly individual for everyone.

High influence of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most important factors for developing premature atherosclerosis, also known as coronary heart disease. This disease is about 2-3 times more common with patients suffering from diabetes type 2, relative to the rest of the population. Diabetes patients have a much worse prognosis, especially women who have been known to suffer from twice higher rate of mortality.

Highest risk for diabetes prognosis are having individuals with an excessive amount of body fat, with irregular and fatty diet as well as those individuals who lack in physical activity. Modern life and improper health education are leading to diabetes being diagnosed with young people. Sitting in your office, in school or on college as well as sitting in front of computer can put you at higher risk from diabetes. It is estimated that about 25% of patients who have been through heart attack are suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Atherosclerosis is a biological process which is characterized by accumulation of fat inside the blood vessels, reducing the active diameter of your blood stream, putting you at higher risk from all kinds of heart related conditions. When arteries linked to brain are affected, stroke can occur; if the coronary arteries are affected, heart attack will happen eventually.

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