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Fast food is usually closely related to obesity and is something you’d never see in a diet plan. Logically, this food is unhealthy but it’s not necessary fattening, depending on how passionate you are about consuming it, of course. Jared Fogel is a good example of this, as he has managed to lose 100 kilograms and keeps it down by following a rather controversial diet routine which involves Subway sandwiches. Controlling the amount of food you intake is the key to success here, as it is in every other regular diet with no extreme calorie deficits and restraints. By eating a turkey subway sandwich along with a bag of chips for lunch, with another vegetable sandwich for dinner without any dip, the subway diet principle has worked well for Jared over the course of a year.

Principles behind subway diet

The focus here is obviously on maintaining a 1000 calorie intake per day. This can be done easily if you stay away from sodas and never get any extra sauce in your sandwiches. Jared is a perfect example of this logic as he was completely devoted towards consuming Subway sandwiches along with regular exercise routines. Obviously, being a 200 kg heavy man, exercise was not a walk in the park, as one might say, but this is exactly how Jared started to exercise, after he lost the first 30 kilograms. It was essential that he starts walking and moving around more so that his muscles can regain their tone and help in wasting all of the excess energy.

In a busy schedule such as most of people are having nowadays, it’s important to get everywhere quick, up to the point where it becomes a habit. However, it’s silly to think that you need to always reach a destination without a single minute of delay. This is what you need to understand if you’re having troubles with your weight as walking can definitely become your daily routine which will help you lose weight slowly but efficiently, without any sudden changes.

Jared has inspired hundreds of people and there are already 7 people who lost an equal amount of weight thanks to the subway diet program. This whole errand is more of an idea than anything as it really helps people to understand what is they doing wrong and how to fix it, without making any extreme decisions about losing the weight quickly. Today you can easily get the calorie table for all of the sandwiches in Subway, which can definitely help you control your calorie intake and stay within a significant amount of calories per day, while still consuming your favorite fast food. Since Subway sandwiches are rich with added ingredients and nutrients, you can generally use them alone for daily meals, although I’d recommend occasional fresh salad along with fruits and a lot of water every day. Regular dieting rules still apply; this diet specifically is just allowing you to consume junk food so to speak but not gain weight from it.

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