Ischemic Heart Disease, Symptoms and Treatment

Diseases related to heart and cardiovascular system is a most common cause of death in the world and in between many other diseases, the ischemic heart disease is most common. According to statistical data every second citizen in Croatia dies from heart diseases and cardiovascular system. With the ischemic condition, there are cerebrovascular conditions as well as heart failure. Some of the most significant risk factors in terms of developing heart conditions are smoking, increased fat level in blood, hypertension, diabetes as well as lack of physical activity.

Most common cause of death in general population is the ischemic heart condition, which is a state characterized by a reduced blood flow through your cardiovascular system, commonly caused by atherosclerosis. This ends up in decreased supply of the heart for oxygen and nutrients, which can lead to damage done to the heart muscle. Depending on symptoms and prognosis, this condition is divided into angina pectoris, unstable angina and infarct of the myocardium.


Symptoms are generally short and intense so you might experience short heart attacks or intense ones. Obviously, this is not really a symptom, yet a consequence, but it’s difficult to determine whether you are suffering from this illness or not in any other way other than getting yourself tested. Ever diagnosis starts with anamnesis, which is a procedure allowing the doctor to receive data on symptoms of the disease, risk factors and presence of similar conditions in the family. After this is done, a physical checkup of the patient is done, monitoring all symptoms which include listening of the heart with a stethoscope and measuring blood pressure. Additional checkups may include blood tests, measuring your heart’s electrical activity with EKG, roentgen tests etc. Basic tests are done by a family doctor and if there is a need for special tests you will be directed to a cardiologist for additional checks to be made.


In order to treat this condition many medicines are used – for an example, drugs meant to reduce the blood pressure, medications for treating disorders related to fat, diuretics and others. With medications, an invasive therapy is required which includes building the stent into heart blood vessels. This improves the blood flow through the heart, along with regular cardiovascular surgery such as bypass implants, pacemakers and even heart transplantation.

This is a serious condition, so you might want to know how can you reduce the chances of suffering from it – to start with, physical activity is something a lot of people are missing out nowadays, and it really does work a lot for you. Other than improved blood flow through your whole body, your heart’s muscles will strengthen as well, which is possibly the most important benefit out of it. Addictions like smoking and alcohol increase your blood pressure and work against your cardiovascular health, so it’s best to simply stop smoking and limit your alcohol drinking, if you find it impossible to stay away from both, which is to be expected.

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