Is Lyme Disease Curable?

Lyme borreliosis is a bacterial type of an infection which is transmitted to people over an infected tick bite. This disease affects multiple systems in your body, commonly skin, joints, heart and nervous system. The cause of this condition is a bacterium known as Ixodes ricinus. Ticks can get infected during feeding on forest animals and the infection can be transmitted to a human over biting. People who spend a lot of their time in the open and natural environments are most affected by this.

This condition is amongst the most common diseases transferred by ticks in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. Appearance of this disease highly depends on the natural habitat of the tick which is transmitting the disease and animals which were the source of the infection.

Symptoms and progress

This infection has three clinical stages of the disease. With most people affected the first symptom is appearance of skin redness on the place where the bite occurred. This is the first stage of the condition, and it’s not painful. It can be followed by itchiness and burning, with some signs of general fever – higher body temperature, headache, weakness, muscle pain etc. After a couple of weeks these skin changes disappear, but the bacterium is not out of your body jet.

First symptoms of the condition appear in about 7 days from the infection. If it is not treated, it can advance into the second stage which is characterized by all kinds of inflammatory conditions of the joints, heart and nervous system. In the third stage chronic atrophic changes on the skin joints and nervous system appear. At this stage, the infection has reached chronic and persistent stage.

Many people wonder is lyme disease curable so it’s important to know that it is. However, it is important to start with the treatment as soon as possible, in its earliest stage. This prevents any chronic changes and complications from happening in the first place.


Prevention measures followed here apply for regular rules of behavior in nature. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes for spending your times outdoors, which mean you should use long sleeves and leggings, closed shoes, walk on marked routes and avoid getting through bushes, lying on the ground or hanging your clothes on the bushes.

Once you get home make sure to check all your clothes for any ticks as these may strike later. If you notice a tick anywhere around you during or after nature activities, make sure to dispose of it as quickly as possible. It is very important to check your kids for ticks as they represent the highest risk of getting an infection such as this one, due to high dynamic of movement.

You may want to visit a doctor if you feel anything close to the symptoms I’ve mentioned above, just to make sure that you are clear from any Lyme disease. If you do get diagnosed with it, you can commence with treatment at that point, making sure you don’t suffer any serious or permanent consequences.

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