Is Hepatitis C Curable?

Hepatitis C belongs in the group of infective diseases and it’s focused on liver. In this article we will take a close look at this common condition which can be transmitted in a number of ways. It is caused by the HCV virus.

Acute Hepatitis C is related to the first 6 months of the HCV infection while chronic infection relates to the case in which the virus survives in the host’s organism for longer than 6 months. Virus can stay calm in the organism for decades, without showing any kind of physical symptoms. Statistics say that there are many variations of the Hepatitis virus, which are currently infecting about 3% of world population, most of whom don’t have a clue about being infected. Besides that, estimates say that about 150 million of world population gets infected with Hepatitis C. It can be transmitted only over blood, which sums up the following situations – using same needles as the person who is infected gives a 100% chance of getting an infection. This is a common problem with drug addicts as well as any persons who have received blood transfusion before 1994. Tattoo shops now have increased safety measures by sterilizing the tools as this was another common reason for infection.


Acute Hepatitis C

In this phase of the disease (within first 6 months of the infection), about 60 to 70% of people don’t have any symptoms whatsoever. Acute hepatitis c is often wrongly diagnosed as grip, since these two conditions share a lot of symptoms: reduced appetite, exhaustion, stomach ache, itchiness, mild fever and darker urine.

Chronic Hepatitis C

Chronic hepatitis c is, clinically speaking, discovered at random. A lot of time can pass by without any symptoms showing up. Usually, most significant symptoms of the hepatitis are showing only when there is extensive liver damage. This is a condition which affects many other organs so it also comes with a variety of symptoms: exhaustion, significant weight loss, muscle ache, joint ache, sleeping disorders, diarrhea, poor digestion, cognitive changes etc.


For people who are wondering about is hepatitis c curable, it’s a bit difficult to answer. To start with, there is no official vaccination to battle against hepatitis c, yet it can only be prevented. Blood test is a simple and reliable method to determine whether or not you are infected with hepatitis c. If the test results return as positive, your doctor will need to determine whether your infection is C or B virus, which affects the suggested therapy. Sometimes, liver biopsy is necessary to determine how far in the disease has gone.

Hepatitis C is rarely discovered in the acute phase (first 6 months) and even if it is, there is no treatment to be prescribed, yet your body is left to battle it out on its own. However, if a genotype 1 virus is discovered, studies have shown that therapy of the acute hepatitis shows some great results. Pegazis is known as one of the most successful medications to be used in treating hepatitis c.

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