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Intensive coffee consummation may shorten your life

Coffee has become an important part of our everyday life and most people can’t even start to function without it in the morning. This is the first sign of a mild coffee addiction, but within some boundaries coffee doesn’t represent any type of threat to your health. However if you go over these boundaries and consume coffee in excess of four cups per day, new studies have shown that you may be shortening your life span.

Dr. Carl Lavie, a professor of medicine at John Ochsner Cardiovascular Institute in NO has made some statements about risks of excessive coffee consummation for people less than 55 years of age. This comes as a bit of surprise as coffee actually has a lot of health benefits as well, significantly reducing the chance for one to acquire any type of heart failure or cancer.

On average, people in the US consume about 3 cups of coffee per day which is completely reasonable and causes no health issues whatsoever. A previous study has had about 45000 people involved aging from 20 to 87. During this study about 2500 people died and it was later determined that most of these deaths were highly influenced by their habits of cigarette smoking or lack of proper exercise during their life.

On the other hand we have some reports coming from Rob Van Dam, who is an assistant professor in Singapore. He warned that this research has a lot of cons to it and it’s very difficult to examine all of the other, possibly relevant death causes. Obviously, diet has an extremely significant influence on this and in the previous study this wasn’t included at all.

Regardless, it’s important to understand the importance of substance balance in your body. Any extreme deviations and you’re definitely harming your health as this is how all diseases and condition work – they make use of imbalances in the organism.

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