Hyperemesis Gravidarum Symptoms and Treatment

There’s a lot of noise going around hyperemesis gravidarum nowadays. The popularity of this hardship can definitely be assigned with pregnancy and complications which can make the whole period a lot worse. About 70 to 85 percent of women in early pregnancy face with some form of morning sickness. These can vary from mild to extreme. Even though these are called morning sicknesses, they don’t usually need to be linked with mornings exclusively. This type of nausea isn’t considered to be a serious complication in pregnancy but it definitely isn’t a pleasant side effect. If your nauseas are followed by common vomiting which is impossible to control and it leads to dehydration, then the condition is to be considered serious. When it reaches such a phase, you are dealing with pregnancy hyperemesis, which may be dangerous for both the mother and child, affecting the liver for an example.


Symptoms of this condition are usually most obvious around 8th week of pregnancy and might last up to the 20th week, but it is possible for them to last even longer. During this period pregnant women can lose 5-10 percent of their body weight which can be particularly dangerous especially if the organism is dehydrated as well. The mother needs to be hospitalized and resupplied with fluid, possibly over infusion and medicines. Sometimes, tube feeding might be necessary. Pregnant women are very irritable during this period; able to do only the simplest of tasks so they need a lot of support from their family and friends. The situation leads to intense psychological and emotional stress. Also, in some cases, lack of vitamin may become a problem.


Treatment is usually done as hospitalized procedure and it is necessary. If this condition is not treated, the woman may face serious consequences on general health for both the baby and her. Children who went through this are at high risk of being born underweight and prematurely. In order to reduce the symptom intensity it is recommended to consume dry food such as crackers which are known to have a soothing effect towards nauseas. Also, it is necessary to drink a lot of water and take vitamin B6 which was proven to reduce the intensity of the pregnancy nausea in its early phase. This functions well in theory but in practice this condition may come with a lot of sub factors and cause a lot of surprises which are basically a reflection of the individual person and her momentary physical and psychological condition.


The cause of this condition is yet to be discovered. In the past it was considered that this issue was due to psychology problems as the mother is obviously under a lot of stress being pregnant. Today it is known that the condition is not caused by psychological reasons. Factors such as obesity, young age of the mother and a previous difficult pregnancy may be some of the causes for this to happen.

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