Hunched over Laptop Syndrome

There are many such people both young and the adults who regularly complain of pains that range from upper back to shoulders, neck to the back of the head, etc. Most of these people also complain about limited concentration, excruciating pain at all times, fatigue, tingling sensation in the arms and the fingers, and even morning stiffness of the neck.

The main reason behind all these ailments is rather straightforward. Most of these people work on laptops, and they sit for significant parts of the day in front of the computer screen. Most often than not, these laptops are placed on their laps and can provide an uneven mode of view to the user. If you identify yourself with such situations, and if you too are suffering from any such back aches or neck pain, in all probability, you are suffering from Hunched over Laptop Syndrome or HOLS.

Why pain in the neck and shoulder?

You must understand that the muscles in the neck are designed to hold the head in the most comfortable position when the head is sitting upright. When the head moves forward, the muscles become burdened with excess load and thus get strained. This in turn causes severe pain in the neck and the upper back that can result in more serious ailments in a future.

What other things can you face with HOLS?

When you have the Hunched over Laptop Syndrome for a prolonged time, it can result in nerve compression. The compression of the nerves can lead to frequent headaches, blurred vision, nausea, and even muscle weaknesses.

How to get rid of nerve compression?

If you don’t prevent the Hunched over Laptop Syndrome early in your career, it can result in osteoarthritis in later years along with degenerative joint disease. All these ailments are characterized by stiffness of the muscles, restriction of movement, soreness and inflammation of the muscles, etc. Besides when the laptop screen is not in the level with your eyes, the eyes can get strained too resulting in blurred vision.

To get rid of Hunched over Laptop Syndrome, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Sit in an upright position without bending your neck forward. Keep your neck in alignment with the spine while working.
  • Have a support at the back even while sitting upright.
  • The shoulders should also be relaxed and not hunched forward.
  • Keep your hands and the wrists in a straight position without bending or turning them.
  • Keep the elbows close to your body and bent them while writing, in an angle of 90 & 120 degrees.

The best thing, that you can do in this regard, is invest in a laptop stand and position your laptop on this stand while working. It will help you in keeping your back straight while working. This will not only provide you with the comfort you are looking for, but will also assist you in getting rid of the back aches and the neck and shoulder pains eventually.

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