Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diet

HCG diet is another one of those quick and unusual diet programs that has appeared after the rush of similar programs that promise extreme results and don’t really deliver in the long run. You can also track down this diet by looking it up as diet of Dr. A.T.W. Simons, so it’s also known as the Simon’s diet. Generally, this diet program is based on an idea which indicates the importance of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin to prevent obesity. It’s usually very active with pregnant women. As a side note, the HCG hormone is used for all of the pregnancy tests and it’s appearing only in a case of a pregnancy.

The hcg diet menu is an adapted list of groceries and ingredients with which you will experience best results. Diet should not be followed without your doctor’s confirmation of the idea, due to many potentially dangerous side effects it carries. Program lasts from 26 to 43 days or until the patient reaches his wanted weight. During 3 weeks it is necessary that you receive HCG injections; while for the remaining days to reach the 26 day checkpoint is HCG free, so that the body can clear itself from the hormone.

Along with injections persons following this routine need to reduce their calorie intake down to 500 calories per day. This amount should be enough to prevent a hunger attack during the period of HCG therapy, allowing it to dissolve fat. Once the fat is dissolved (up to 20 kg max) it’s necessary to break the therapy as soon as possible and return to normal calorie intake so that the HCG hormone doesn’t start to dissolve muscular tissue.

A regular hcg diet menu should consist of a lot of protein and lean in the carbohydrate and fat department. Alcohol is strictly forbidden as it can also react with the HCG hormone, in addition to supplying your organism with sugars. It might be best for you to start consuming protein shakes if you are unable to cook a proper protein rich meal every day, as this will also be a cheaper solution in the long run. The caloric deficit is dangerous if you aren’t supplying your body with all of the necessary nutrients because your health might deteriorate. Make sure that you are consuming enough of proteins, which are building blocks of your body to prevent this from happening. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit as well because this will get you plenty of vitamins and fibers necessary for your body’s functioning and general well-being.

General side effects of HCG include headaches, anxiety, irritation of some body parts to touch and depression. Depending on how severe some of these headaches might be for you personally, consider breaking up with the HCG therapy. Not all people will react the same to this hormone so keep an open mind about it and do not hesitate to stop with the therapy if it’s not doing you any good.

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