How to recognize Spotting during Pregnancy and what to do about it

You’ve probably heard about light bleeding during pregnancy, coming from the vagina. Pregnancy is generally speaking a very complex period when your body changes significantly. These changes are mostly done because of hormones going wild but there are many physical causes for it as well. What’s most important about spotting during pregnancy is to realize that it is completely normal so you can relax and continue reading to learn more about the topic at hand.

Things to do if you notice spotting

Due to the increased blood circulation through your body, even the smallest stress may cause some capillaries to burst and start bleeding out. If you notice little bloody spots on your panties, you may want to visit your doctor just to check it out and confirm that this is the regular pregnancy spotting many women are experiencing. If the bleeding comes with no other significant symptoms like pain, it’s probably just a blood vessel rupturing and allowing the blood to flow out.

What causes it

Sexual intercourse can easily break some blood vessels inside the vagina which can then bleed fairly intensively, finding the way all the way out of your vagina. If you’re experiencing this on a daily basis, there may be something physically wrong with your uterus or vagina so it’s best to get everything checked out before making any independent assumptions. This also happens after some of the exams which you may have taken at your gynecologist, so keep this in mind. It’s really all about improved blood circulation making it happen.

Usually, this happens on the edge of your vagina’s muscles, which is now seriously packed with blood. Physiologically, you are producing more blood, which is reason alone for your blood pressure to go higher, however, as your baby grows it will go lower, since your and the baby’s bloodstream are put into one. This is why you’ll probably get spots early in the pregnancy, if it is of mechanical nature.

Possible dangers indicated by spotting

If you are experiencing symptoms like pain or fatigue, there might be something wrong with your baby. Miscarriage is fairly common nowadays and it often shows itself with spotting or more intense bleeding out of your vagina. About 25% women have spotting with no consequences whatsoever, so this leaves the majority of cases dealing with some sort of a problem.

Infections can also be present if there is a persistent amount of bleeding coming out of your vagina, so it is important to get yourself checked as soon as possible. In the early pregnancy you can still have a rather high influence on the outcome of your pregnancy so make sure to do everything which is within your reach and possibilities. Generally speaking, it’s important to understand that there are many causes for this to happen and that it may just be another case of your hormones raging. But, the appearance of blood during your pregnancy is definitely not something anyone can ignore just like that so you should go and check it out, especially if it’s followed by some persistent symptoms. Pain, shivering or sweating are three indicators that something may be wrong.

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